Although Samsung has made some of the best foldable smartphones, the company is yet to fix one design flaw in its foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is no doubt one of the best foldable phones of 2022 with its great build quality, decent camera system, awesome software, and nice battery life and charging. But, Samsung is trying to make the design of the incoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 even better.

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You see, one flaw in the design of previous Samsung foldable phones is the space between the two foldable screens when folded. There are a couple of reasons why this is a concern as sand or dust can easily slip in and when rubbed against the soft inner foldable screen can cause damage.

However, the recently released Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 and OPPO Find N2 foldable phones have a folding hinge that leaves no space when folded. So, it appears Samsung will be going down this route in the design of the hinge for the incoming Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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As per a report from the Korean publication Naver, Samsung has used a waterdrop-shaped hinge in the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This means just like the Mix Fold 2 and Find N2 foldable phones, Samsung’s next flagship foldable smartphone will be able to fold completely flat, with no gap between the two halves of the phone when it’s folded.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 software

This could also mean that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will have a less visible crease. Note that Samsung will have little to do when it comes to durability as its foldable phones are certified to be IPX8 rating for water resistance. The report above also stated that Samsung is calling its new hinge design ‘dumbbell,’ and the company patented this design back in 2016.

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Thanks to this new dumbbell-shaped hinge, it is reported that the durability of the folding screen has improved as well, and it will be able to withstand more folding and unfolding actions over its lifetime. If Samsung implements this redesign for the forthcoming Z Fold 5, it’ll no doubt strengthen its position as the leading foldable phone maker.

Source: Navar (in Korean)

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