New information about the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is coming up as the launch edges closer. The new report amongst many is that Samsung used discarded fishing nets as build materials for the Galaxy S22 series.

This is done in an effort to reduce ocean waste and make phones that is more environment-friendly. This is not the first time the company is using recycled waste products as materials for its devices.

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For example, the Samsung is already using recycled plastic for tis mobile chargers and TV remote controllers. Even the company’s lifestyle TVs is shipped in reusable packaging. So, adding discarded fishing nets to the list shows the commitment of the South Korean phone maker to make environment-friendly products.

So far, the plans of Samsung is to increase the use of recycled PCM (Post-Consumer Material) and recycled paper in its products and packaging in the future and reduce single-use plastics. And this is a good move for the environment.

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Most people think that ocean wastes are only made up of bottles and plastic grocery bags. However, studies have shown that there are over 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are left inside the ocean every year globally.

These abandoned fishing nets pose great threats to marine life. This is because, marine animals can easily get entangled in them. So, as part of the “Galaxy for the Planet” initiative, Samsung will use the new material it has developed in its upcoming Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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According to Samsung, development of the new material using discarded fishing nets “marks a notable achievement in the company’s journey to deliver tangible environmental actions and protect the planet for generations to come.” The company will continue to uncover additional solutions to make the environment safer for everyone.

The plan here is to reuse discarded fishing nets and reduce ocean pollution and improve the sustainability of its product lineup.


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