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Samsung using Exynos chips for its mid-range and low-budget phones is a good thing

Just like Apple, Samsung makes its own chipsets. But unlike Apple, Samsung turns to Qualcomm and MediaTek for chips that power most of its smartphones. Well, the South Korean tech giant is switching play.

According to recent reports, it seems Samsung is planning on using the Exynos chips for more of its mid-range and low-budget phones and we think this is a good thing.

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Since the company has launched the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 series and with its next flagship launch scheduled for around August, it’s time to focus on the Galaxy A and M series. And this means Samsung is shifting its focus from developed countries to emerging markets.

The report adds that as a part of that strategy, the South Korean giant is also set to increase the usage of its own chipsets in mid-range and low-budget smartphones. And thus far, the products released by Samsung seem to confirm these facts.

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For example, the recently released Samsung Galaxy A53 5G featured the Exynos 1280 chipset. The Galaxy A13 4G that was launched in the North American market featured the Exynos 850 chipset. And this might be a good thing for both Samsung and its users.

Samsung Exynos chip

For Samsung, it means the company will save some money in production and will also be better able to make more heat-efficient devices since the chip is built by the company. For users, it means the company will make more improved chipsets and better-performing mid-range phones in the coming years.

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One of the major reasons why Apple is a key leader in the phone industry is its chipset. Apple can optimize performance and improved heat efficiency with its own chipset. Granted, the current Exynos chipset does not quite level up to the same chipsets from MediaTek and Qualcomm in the same category.

But, if Samsung is serious, it can improve its performance and become one of the best phones to buy in the mid-range and low-budget segment. This will be good both for Samsung and its users. Samsung saves money in production and users get better-performing and more efficient Samsung phones.

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But what do you think about Samsung using more of its own Exynos chip in its smartphones? What is your experience using a Samsung phone powered by an Exynos chip? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.






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