Top flagship phones have always had the best-looking displays thanks to their slim bezels. But that is about to change as a new report has suggested that Samsung is working on a bezel-less display tech that will be used in low-entry smartphones. This means your next $300 smartphone might have slim bezels as the $800 Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung is one of the leading OLED manufacturers for smaller devices in the world. According to a new report, the company has developed a new technology that helps them to make thinner and cheaper OLED panels. These panels can be used to make cheaper phones that have a truly bezel-less display.

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To achieve this, Samsung is said to be testing an inkjet-like OCR (Optically Clear Resin). Samsung will spray transparent adhesive on the panel using the OCR process instead of using transparent adhesive tape layers (OCA or Optically Clear Adhesive). The OCR process is said to be faster and cheaper than the OCA process. This means that Samsung will save money and time with this new process.

Galaxy S22 displays
Galaxy S22 displays (image: MKBHD)

The report also said that the new OCR bonding technique is easier to work with at the edges and has greater accuracy around the punch-hole or water drop section. Samsung is said to start using its factory in Vietnam for mass production of these panels. The company has also ordered the OCR equipment it needs for these productions.

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Right now, a company named 3M is the leader of the OCR printing equipment market. However, to make the process more affordable, Samsung needs to find other suppliers too.

If this new technique works out, users will start getting very slim bezels in low-entry smartphones. And since Samsung makes most of the OLED panels used in smartphones, more companies will start using these displays.

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