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How to Save Money on Amazon while shopping

Save Money on Amazon: Let’s face it, the best way to save money on Amazon is no to shop on Amazon. I mean, if you don’t buy anything from Amazon you won’t spend anything. But, we all need to buy something every now and then which is why need a way to save cost.

So, if you decide to use Amazon as your shopping site (which is a good idea), how can you save money while shopping on Amazon? Well, there are few ways you can do that.

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How to save money on Amazon when shopping

1. Join Amazon Prime

The first and best way to save money shopping on Amazon is to becoming a member of Amazon Prime. Prime members have access to load of benefits which saves them allot of money.

For example, Prime members have access to early deals, lightning deals, and free shipping. You can save up to 100 bucks on early and lightning deals. You can also save up to 100 bucks on shipping if you own are a Prime member.

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Members of Amazon prime also get free access to digital services offer by Amazon. These are services that would have cost hundreds of dollars. And you can get enjoy a 30-day free trial for Prime member and if you don’t like the benefits, you can jump off the boat. It’s a win for you either way. The next way to save money is to look out for key events on Amazon.

2. Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays

There are huge discounts on products ranging from tech gadgets to household items on Amazon Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays. To save money on these days, you have to plan for these events on Amazon.

Although having a Prime membership would really help to get early deals, you’ll still do well with a regular Amazon account. Just for context, discounts on products can be as high as %30 on selected products.

To make the most from Amazon Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays, follow the steps below

  1. Keep the dates of these events in mind (if you forget them then it’s pretty much gone)
  2. Have a list of items you want to purchase (this will make you target price items and not buy a random)
  3. Get an Amazon Prime membership if you can (this will give you early access to these deals)
  4. Look out for lightening deals and join the waitlist if one passes you by
  5. Stay close to your computer with good internet connection.

3. Daily Deals and Flash sales

Visiting the daily deals and flash sales page on Amazon is another good way of saving money on Amazon while shopping. Granted, most times you might not get the actual item you’re looking for but on some occasions, you find what you can buy at a discounted price.

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Flash sales are pretty fast and if you’re not online constantly you might miss out on it. But, it’s still worth mentioning that if you get the timing right, you can save some few bucks via flash sales.

4. Buy refurbished or pre-owned items

Some products on Amazon are refurbished or pre-owned and these products are usually cheaper. In some cases, you can buy a refurbished or pre-owned smartphone at a 50% discount the actual price.

To ease your mind, Amazon has verified these refurbished or pre-owned products to be very good working conditions before it’s listed. Visit the Amazon refurbished page to see available smartphones or tech gadgets you can buy at cheaper price.

These are four ways you can easily save money on Amazon while shopping. If you can, get on Amazon Prime and have access to numerous benefits. But, you can also scoop around with a regular account for deals to help save you money.







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