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Skrill Review: Is Skrill a Safe Digital Wallet Provider

Skrill Review: There are lots of money transfer apps/platform out there (online and offline). It’s so much that you might get confuse as to which one is good for you to use. There are lots of things to consider such as security, convenience and ease of use before jumping on these Money transfer platforms or choosing to use a digital wallet provider.

Skrill might just be what you need. In this Skrill review, I’ll explain what Skrill is, how easy it is to use, its transfer charges, its legality, and its safety. And if at the end of this article you wish to open a Skrill Account, you can read the step by step guide below.

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Skrill Review

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online online money transfer app and digital wallet that allows you an easy way to send, receive and store/save money online. As an online service provider, Skrill allows you to send, receive, and save money without relying on your bank.

Skrill was founded on 17 June 2001, in London, United Kingdom. It has over 2000+ employees and its CEO is Joel Leonoff (since 2015 to the date of writing this article). The services of Skrill is available in over 120 countries and Skrill provides wallet services in some 40 different countries including the United States and United Kingdom.

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Both individuals and business owners will find the services of Skrill very useful. It can be used for money transfers, one of the best for gaming or betting, for cryptocurrencies purchase, even for e-commerce. So, for all your online purchases you can easily use skrill. Skrill is widely accepted by a large number of countries which includes Germany, Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil to mention but a few.

What is Skrill Used for

As a money transfer and digital wallet, you can use Skrill for the following:

  1. Send money to others outside your country
  2. Receive money from persons outside your country
  3. Save or Store your digital assets or money on Skrill Wallet.

Skrill Transfer Charges

Skrill transfer charges/ fees depend on individual country and their currency. Skrill does not charge any fees to receive money into your bank account but in a case where you want to transfer money from your Skrill wallet to your bank account a fee of 5.50 EUR or it’s equivalent is charged. This fee is known as the processing fee.

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The fees for Skrill depends on your chosen payment method. In a case where there is currency conversion, it usually costs 3.99% above the mid-market rate. Skrill does not offer transfer fees for domestic transfers. Skrill can be a little costlier than other money transfer platforms but it is definitely worth it since you can perform different transactions with it.

Aside from the relatively low transfer fee, Skrill international transfer is usually fast. Some international transfers takes about 5 working days to process but with Skrill it takes 2-3 business days. Credit or Debit card funding is instant.

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Is Skrill Legal

Yes, Skrill is legal. The services of Skrill is legal in some 140 countries which includes: the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, and other European countries.

Skrill is also a registered company in the United Kingdom and its parent organizations are Paysafe and Investcorp. But, there are some countries where the services of Skrill is restricted e.g. India.

Is Skrill Safe and Secure?

Skrill is as secure as you want it to be. Allow me to explain. Skrill is being regulated by the financial service provider which is supervised by various regulators around the world. It also uses 128-bit encryption and requires users to do a  2-factor authentication for more security.

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The above means, you have various security and safety methods to keep your Skrill account safe. Except you gave you log in details out, its not easy for others to have access to your Skrill Account.

Skrill is very safe and secure to use. The safety of the users information, money and/or other digital assets are assured. So far, there have been no data breach or successful attack on Skrill on record.

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Why Use Skrill

While sending, receiving or saving money online, you need an app or a platform which is easy to use and navigate. And the Skrill interface is just that. Skrill is very user friendly. But there are lots of other reasons why you might want to use Skrill. They include:

  • For lovers of online purchases through cryptocurrencies, skrill is the best choice for you.
  • Skrill is good for business purposes.
  • Skrill is good for online purchases.
  • Are you an e-commerce site owner, you should definitely adopt using skrill for your business. It is one of the best for e-commerce.
  • Skrill covers a wide range of areas other online money transfer platform doesn’t.
  • Skrill can be used for various transactions like gaming, cryptocurrencies, online purchases, to send and receive money, that’s having one app for virtually everything.
  • Skrill accepts a wide range of currencies of over 40 world currencies which other payment platforms doesn’t.
  • With Skrill, you can cancel a transfer if you don’t want to continue, that’s before the transfer has reached the recipient or before processing.
  • If you are a lover of mass payments, like you send several related payments to different people be it your fellow investors, employees or business partners, skrill is just the perfect transfer app for you.

So, this is our review of the Skrill money transfer platform. Its not the only options for money transfer out there but its safe, easy to use, its legit, and has relatively low transfer fees. You might want to try it out.



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