Slow Internet: If you’re on Wi-Fi, your phone’s internet might be slow because of your router’s location or the number of users sharing the connection. If you’re out in the world, your phone’s internet might be slow because of your network provider and your location.

Depending on your network provider, nearness to service, and device, there are lots of things that can make your internet to be slow.

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For example, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi, the speed of your internet depends on the location of the router, source or Hotspot device. And if you are using your wireless data (data bundle), the internet of your phone might be slow because of your network provider and your location.

If you are in an area where the signal of your network provider is low, then you will experience slow internet. These things are what you can’t control. But there are other reasons why you are experiencing slow internet and there are things you can do to improve you internet service. Let’s find out shall we?

Slow Internet: Why is my phone slow on Wi-Fi?

There are possibly few reasons why the internet of your phone is slow while it’s connected to a Wi-Fi:

1. Position of your Router or Hotspot device

The distance of the router or hotspot device can make your internet slow. Simple truth is, the farther you are, the slower the internet becomes and vice versa. Also, electrical appliances like refrigerators, microwaves etc. can also interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

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2. Numbers of connected users

You know that feeling when you are in a crowded room and you all fight for fresh air? Yes, too many users can also suffocate the Wi-Fi. If you have friends playing online games with same network and more people connected to the Wi-Fi, your internet speed will slow down. So, don’t give too many people access to your Wi-Fi (it doesn’t mean you’re stingy).

3. Get a new phone

Maybe your Wi-Fi is good but an old phone might also be slow on the internet. Just as you get notification updates on software and apps, hardware and network technology is also upgrading. And older phones don’t have new hardware features.

Some apps won’t even run properly on older phones. So, if your phone is really old, you might just consider getting a new phone. (Not part of content, just check out the link upgrading your phone).

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Why is my phone slow without Wi-Fi?

You cell phone provider coverage and your location influence the internet speed of your phone allot. Internet service providers offers different types and levels of coverage, and they are not built equal.

Verizon for example has the best coverage when compared with others. If you also live outside the city (rural areas), your coverage might not be as reliable as people living in the city. And this can be a reason why you’ll experience sow internet. (Not part of article but write about it cell phone provider coverage)

Solution for the above: change your internet service provider to a more reliable one in your area. Verizon might have better overall coverage but it’s not compulsory you use them. If T-Mobile has better coverage in your area, use T-Mobile instead. You can also change where you live if you don’t want to change your carrier.

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1. Deprioritization

For AT&T and Verizon users, if you are on their basic unlimited plans (prepaid and postpaid), you might experience slower internet speeds when the usage is high at a certain time. Users with premium unlimited plans usually get more reliable data speeds during peak periods.

If you noticed you’re getting slow internet speed during these peak usage period and you’ve got the basic AT&T unlimited plan, then you’re been deprioritized.

2. Age and model of your phone

Possibly! Truth is, phones with 3G are faster than phones with 2G. In same manner, phones that uses 4G are faster than phones with 3G. Same goes for Wi-Fi, phones with newer Wi-Fi versions connects faster and better than phones with older Wi-Fi. So yes, old phones can also slow down your internet.

While older phones are not always to be blamed for slow internet problems, but they can contribute.

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How can I improve my cell phone service?

In summary, to improve the internet speed of your cell phone, you can try any of the following

  1. Choose a carrier or network provider with better coverage in your area
  2. Stay close to your Wi-Fi
  3. Don’t allow too many users access to your Wi-Fi (keeping your Wi-Fi password a secret or restricted to few persons doesn’t make you the bad guy).
  4. Change to a network provider with better coverage in your area.
  5. Upgrade your cell phone plant to avoid deprioritize issues.
  6. You can also change your phone if you feel it’s old
  7. Change your location if it’s possible

None of the suggestions above is actually convenient and you might have to spend extra bucks, but you’ll save yourself from a lot of frustration.

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