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Snapdragon 888+ listed on Geekbench with Improved Cortex-X1 Core

Snapdragon 888+ listed on Geekbench: A new chipset rumored to be Snapdragon 888+ has surfaced in a Geekbench listing. If you’re familiar with Qualcomm, you’ll understand that they always bring an overclocked version of the flagship chipset.

The Snapdragon 888 chipset was released back in December and now with July around the corner, the plus version is coming.

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As with the other plus versions of the flagship chipsets from Qualcomm, the major change of the SD 888+ compared to the regular SD 888 is the overclocked X1 performance core to 3.0GHz. It was clocked at 2.84GHz in the old model.

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The test also reveals four low-power A55 cores running at 1.8GHz and three additional Cortex-A78 clusters running at 2.4GHz. This upgrade is why the SD 888+ delivered 1,171 single-core points and 3,074 points on the multi-core test.

SD 888+ on Geekbench

These scores are not far from the results we saw from the devices powered by Snapdragon 888. It’s same as what we witnessed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ and Snapdragon 865 of last year.

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Last year’s Snapdragon 865+ offered improved GPU boost and improved EastConnect 6900 chip. But for now, there is no news as to what other upgrade the Snapdragon 888+ is bringing aside from the overclocked CPU cores.

We expected to get more info released or leak regarding the Snapdragon 888+ in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.







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