Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 Specs: This new chipset will be powering the next generation of smart glasses. The chip enables recording and live-streaming directly from the glasses, performance of visual searches, and real-life translation. Below are the full Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 Specs.

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Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 Specs

The Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 can take 12MP still photos and 6MP video recordings. The resolution per eye is 1280 x 1280. And it comes with the 3rd Gen Hexagon Neural Processing Unit.

More so, it enables AI-assisted Noise and echo cancellation. With support of up to 8 microphones and stereo speakers.

The premium 14-bit ISP (Image Signal Processor) supports computational HDR, portrait mode, Auto face detection, and Auto exposure.

Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 Specs

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The latest Meta Ray-ban smart glasses are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Ari Gen 1 chipset. Other OEMs will develop their own devices using the newly announced chip starting in 2024. And for the wireless connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi 7.

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