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Snapdragon X Elite Specs: 4nm Process, 12 Performance Cores and More

Snapdragon X Elite Specs: The Snapdragon X Elite chipset is Qualcomm’s latest ARM-based chipset for laptops. The main focus is on high performance and efficiency. Below are the full Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Specs.

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Snapdragon X Elite Specs

Snapdragon X Elite is fabricated on a 4nm process. It has 12 high-performance Oryon cores clocked at 3.8 GHz, with single and dual-core boost up to 4.3 GHz. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon X Elite CPU can challenge Intel 13th-generation CPUs on multi-threaded performance while drawing 68% less power.

Also, Qualcomm claims the Snapdragon X Elite has 50% faster peak multi-threaded performance than Apple’s ARM-based M2 chip.

And when it comes to the GPU, the Snapdragon X Elite features an integrated Adreno GPU rated at 4.6 TFLOPs with support for DirectX 12 API. The SD X Elite supports up to 3x external UHD monitors at 60Hz. More so, the Adreno Video Processing Unit (VPU) supports 4K60 10-bit encodes and decodes for H.264, HEVC (H.265), and AV1 files.

Snapdragon X Elite Specs

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Other features supported by the Snapdragon X Elite chipset include LPDDR5x RAM with up to 136 GB/s memory bandwidth, 42MB total cache alongside PCIe Gen4 or UFS 4.0 storage, FastConnect 7800 System with support for Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 as well as a Snapdragon X65 5G modem for cellular connectivity with up to 10 Gbps peak download speeds.



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