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Sony mixed reality headset is here to compete with Apple Vision Pro

Sony mixed reality headset is here to compete with Apple Vision Pro. The headset comes with dual 4K OLED microdisplays. Sony partnered with Siemens to create the mixed-reality headset.

According to Sony, the Sony mixed reality headset is aimed at “spatial content creators”. This could be used in anything from product design to film production.

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Sony mixed reality headset Specs

The mixed reality headset has 1.3-type OLED microdisplays with 4K resolution and 96% DCI-P3 coverage. And it’s powered by the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chipset.

spatial tracking is done using six cameras and sensors, which also provide video see-through functionality, allowing the headset to mix virtual objects into the real world. Sony promises that the headset can provide “realistic rendering of textures of 3D objects and facial expressions of human characters” in real-time.

Additionally, the Sony mixed reality headset has two controllers – one looks like a ring and allows manipulation of 3D objects, and the other is an accurate pointer that can help designers to create and manipulate virtual objects.

Sony mixed reality headset

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Sony collaborated with Siemens, and thus, the mixed reality headset will integrate with Siemens’ NX Immersive Designer Software.

There’s no word on the Sony mixed reality pricing yet. But the company has confirmed that sales will begin later this year. Do you think the Sony mixed reality headset can compete with Apple Vision Pro?







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