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Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10: Which is Better? 

Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10: Which is a better camera for vloggers and content creators? These two cameras are no doubt among the best portable cameras for beginners, vloggers, and content creators. But before you buy any one of these two, it’s good for you to know the differences between them. Make sure to read to the very end to see our verdict.

Release Date and Availability

The Sony ZV-E10 camera was launched in July 2021. And ever since then, it has been readily available for purchase. While the Sony ZV-1F was announced in October 2022 and sales commenced almost immediately. You can use the box at the bottom of this post to buy either of these two cameras.

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For anyone who is on a tight budget, the Sony ZV-1F is more affordable than the Sony ZV-E10. Even though the Sony ZV-1F is the newest kid in the ZV lineup camera, Sony somehow made it cheaper. It is priced at $499, while the Sony ZV-E10 is priced at $749.

Sensor, Quality, and Features

The Sony ZV-E10 has a 24.2MP APS-C sensor. It has an interchangeable lens unlike the Sony ZV-1F with a fixed lens camera. That’s one of the major differences between those two cameras. With an interchangeable lens, you’ll have a wider choice of image-capture capabilities, and also the optical quality is better.

Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10
Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10

In most cases, beginners could start with a fixed lens camera like the ZV-1F and gradually upgrade to an interchangeable lens camera like the ZV-E10. One reason for this is that interchangeable lens cameras are usually more pricey.

In terms of their quality, the Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10 cameras can record 4K video at up to 30fps. And both have a built-in directional 3-capsule microphone with a bundled windscreen. Even the ports on both cameras are almost alike. And impressively, both have a USB-C.

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Sony ZV-1F vs Sony ZV-E10: Verdict

The Sony ZV-E10 is better than the Sony ZV-1F for many reasons. Firstly, the Sony ZV-E10 has a better battery life than the Sony ZV-1F. Secondly, the ZV-E10 is more versatile because it is not restricted to one lens- this means professionals can go on with it.

On the other hand, both cameras are good for vlogging and content creation. And for anyone on a tight budget, the ZV-1F is cheaper, light weighted, and portable too.

Sony ZV-1FPrice
Buy on Amazon (EUR)€649.00
Buy on Amazon (UK)£549.00






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