Microsoft Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: The battles between foldable devices rage on and Microsoft just weighed in with the release of Microsoft Surface Duo. Samsung on the other hand have taken tighter hold and most likely leading the pack with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (before the release of the surface duo).

You should know that both phones are foldable devices that exists in two different phone factors. Yes, they share some similarities but the design, display and user experience differs from each other.

Now that we have two heavy weight in the Tech industry releasing two different types of foldable device, which is better. The Microsoft Surface Duo or the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2?

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Without further ado, let’s get to see these two phones side by side.

Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Surface Duo is a product of Microsoft while the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a product of Samsung Mobile just in case you haven’t noticed.

We’ll kick things off with designs of both phones then we’ll talk about price at the end of this article. There are lots of things that set these two phones apart and you’ll find out these things below (pictures included).

Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Design, Display and Build

Like we stated earlier, these two phones have completely different designs. The Microsoft Surface Duo has this slim, book like with big bezles design. When you holding the Surface Duo, it’s like holding a book that can be opened.

You know that feeling of opening the center of a book and it goes both ways? and when you close the book it becomes small and turns one? Yes that is the feeling the it brings.

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Which is quite different from the design you get in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Galaxy phone is like two phones joined to become one but in a such a way that when you open the phone it becomes more of a tablet.

The display of the Surface Duo can rotate at 360° while that of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 can rotate at 180°. You enjoy a 120Hz refresh rate with the Z Fold 2 which is not available in the Duo.

Both phones uses Corning Gorilla Glass protection which is okay. But, the Microsoft phone is by far slimmer than the Samsung phone. However the big bezles of the Surface Duo makes it look a little old fashioned.

Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Software and Chipset

Both device runs on Android 10 which is good. And the software is optimized in such a way that you can perform tasks that normal phones can’t.

For example, both phones allows you to turn your phone into laptop mode. When in laptop mode, you can use one side of your display as keyboard and the other part your display as screen. Although only few Apps supports this for now but app developers might work on this feature soon.

In the chipset category, the Microsoft foldable device uses a Snapdragon 855 while the Samsung foldable device uses Snapdragon 865+ both from Qualcomm. The chipset of the Samsung phone is the better chipset.

You have to excuse the Surface Duo here because its production started last year unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Camera

Well, Microsoft never marketed the Surface Duo as a camera phone. And Yes, it’s camera quality is not that nice it’s just good. So, if you are buying the Surface Duo to get those flagship camera quality, you’ll be disappointed.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 have a more improved camera system. Plus, the Microsoft phone comes with just one camera placed at the front. It serves as selfie and rear camera. Unlike the Samsung phone that comes with multiple camera (5 cameras; 1 outside, 1 inside and three rear cameras).

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Camera
Triple Rear Camera of Galaxy Z Fold 2

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers more camera features and quality when it comes to photos and videos.

Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: RAM and Internal Storage

There is 6GB of RAM for the Surface Duo which is smaller than the 12GB of RAM available in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Both phones comes with a maximum of 256GB Internal Storage. And NO, you can’t expand storage.

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Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Battery

There is a 3577mAh battery with 18W fast charge enabled for the Surface Duo while there is 4500mAh battery with 25W fast charge enabled for the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Price

The price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is about $2,000 while the price of the Surface Duo is about $1,400. That leaves you with about $600 difference in price.

Which leaves us with the question, between the Microsoft Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which should you buy? Okay here is the deal.


This decision will be based on how you like your foldable devices. If you are the book type, 360° hinge, not camera freak kind of user, then buy the Microsoft Surface Duo. But, if you are up for the all benefits tablet type, 180° hinge, good camera kind of user, then buy the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

There is no hard and fast rules to determine which you should buy. But, we would advice against buying the Surface Duo just yet. This is the first generation and if Microsoft is serious about this line up, there will be a more improved Surface Duo 2 soon.

If you really like the Surface Duo, we advice you wait for the more improved second generation of the phone. But, if you have $1,400 laying idle somewhere and you want to spend on a phone, then buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

You can actually save up to $200 along with free shipping when you buy from eBay. Also, you’ll enjoy some good discount when you buy from Amazon.

With this we come to the conclusion of the comparison, Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2. We’ll like to hear from you. Which of these two device would you rather purchase and why? Use the comment section below.

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