T-Mobile vs Verizon: This comparison is between the best coverage service provider and the fastest data speed service provider. So, if you are looking for a knockout fight between Verizon and T-Mobile, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not gonna happen here. But we have something even more interesting.

Instead of declaring a winner between these two providers, why not just compare the prices of their plans, performance, and perks of Verizon and T-Mobile to show you areas they are good (and areas where they are bad).

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T-Mobile vs Verizon

T-Mobile vs Verizon

As we prepare to dive into the basic details of both providers, you can take a look at available data plans from Verizon and T-Mobile. They are many but don’t worry, we’ll try and summarize them in this T-Mobile vs Verizon Review.

T-Mobile vs Verizon: Cell phone plans

Overall, Verizon has more data plans than T-Mobile. This is because T-Mobile offers just one limited data plan, unlike Verizon. For persons that are not heavy data users, Verizon limited plans will be just perfect for you to save money.

Verizon vs T-Mobile: Pricing and Plans

Of the two providers, Verizon offers you the best value for money, but T-Mobile has cheaper plans. Verizon has limited data plans as low as 500MB and up to 5GB with options starting from $30 monthly. With just $20 monthly, T-Mobile will give you all the essentials you need too. So, let’s start this comparison review between this two from the cheapest to the more expensive.

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Verizon vs. T-Mobile: Unlimited pricing

Although T-Mobile offers cheaper unlimited plans, the question is, it is better?  And just because Verizon offers more coverage, does that mean it’s the best choice for you? Well, we have to look beyond cheap and coverage and take into consideration value for money and overall user satisfaction.

T-Mobile vs. Verizon: Unlimited data plan comparison

The $60 Essential plan from T-Mobile is pretty much the cheapest unlimited data plan. It gives you access to unlimited talk, text, and data from one of the top best service providers in the country.

However, during times of congestion, T-Mobile might deprioritize you. It simply means you are pushed further down the network queue and customers who pay more are viewed as being important (no hard feelings).

Two good unlimited data plans you can (though you’ll spend an extra $10) are the T-Mobile Magenta plan and Verizon Start Unlimited plan.

T-Mobile Magenta vs Verizon Start Unlimited

This $70 unlimited data plan comes with some extra perks, like international texting, in-flight service, and 5G access (for persons with 5G-enabled devices).

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The Start Unlimited Plan from Verizon is similar to T-Mobile’s Magenta Plan at almost the same price. So, we think it’ll be good if you check it out. Yeah?

Deprioritization is not restricted to only T-Mobile’s cheapest unlimited plan. Even Verizon customers on the Start Unlimited plan also experience this. And for a $70 plan to be pushed down the queue during network congestion is not such a good thing (our view though).

Verizon however tries to make up for pushing its users down the queue with some perks, such as free subscriptions to Disney+, Discovery+, and Apple Music. Just a quick reminder that Verizon also has the most network coverage in the country.

Both T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus and Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plans will give you HD video streaming. When you start looking at the higher-tiered plans from Verizon and T-Mobile, the main benefits you find are increased high-speed data caps and better streaming quality.

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In this category, Verizon comes out on top with its incredible 75GB of data throttling. Which is better than the 50GB T-Mobile plan is offering. This is the clear reason why most people prefer to pay extra bucks for the Verizon Get More Unlimited plan.

Verizon vs T-Mobile: Data Speeds

T-Mobile still offers the fastest wireless download and upload speeds of any service provider. The guys over at Reviews.org ran a few tests of wireless users and at average, T-Mobile boosted 32.7 Mbps download speed and 12.9 Mbps upload speed. Verizon, on the other hand, falls a little behind with an average of 32.2 Mbps download speed and 10.0 Mbps upload speed.

Simply put, the result from Reviews.org shows that T-Mobile offers you faster internet access. You’ll download movies faster, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos will load faster on T-Mobile.

Verizon vs T-Mobile: Data caps

The words “data caps” refers to how much data you can use monthly before your internet speed starts slowing down. Okay, yep there is really no such thing as unlimited data if it has a data cap right? (We don’t make the rules).

Below is the breakdown of the data caps between T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless:

  • T-Mobile plans have a 50 GB data cap.
  • Verizon plans range from 25 GB (Play More Unlimited Plan) to 75 GB (Get More Unlimited plan).

For heavy data users, you’ll definitely need bigger data caps to stay online (the type Verizon is offering).

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Verizon vs. T-Mobile: Coverage

Verizon is still the undisputed champion when it comes to coverage. Network Coverage matters a lot, and Verizon leads the wireless pack. According to WhistleOut reports, Verizon’s 4G coverage has reached about 70% of the country while T-Mobile sits in the second place with 59% 4G coverage (which is still far behind Verizon’s coverage).

Let’s compare the coverage maps for Verizon and T-Mobile to see just where the two differ. If you are living in Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, or Nevada, you’ll find that the 11% coverage difference is huge.

If you happen to live in one of those states, you’ll enjoy much more reliable coverage with Verizon’s network than you would with T-Mobile’s network.

Verizon wins the coverage battle over T-Mobile’s network, but then again, Verizon wins the coverage battle against every provider. Expect reliable coverage with either carrier, but Verizon goes above and beyond, especially in rural areas.

Verizon has been the country’s number one when it comes to network coverage. You can expect to get good coverage from both carriers but Verizon does more by providing networks, especially in rural areas.

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Verizon vs T-Mobile: Devices

If you are looking for the latest devices, both companies got you covered. Latest Apple iPhones, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, and other brands you’ll find in both T-Mobile and Verizon. But note that the temporary deals and discounts running on new devices from both companies differ.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular phones that T-Mobile is currently selling. Ranging from Samsung to iPhone, you can see incredible deals on Best Buy for all service providers. You can save up to $500 when you purchase your next cell phone with deals from Best Buy.

Verizon vs T-Mobile: Perks

What interests you the most? Music or streaming? Both Verizon and T-Mobile offer some extra features, like wireless hotspots. But they each have unique perks to sway you in one direction or the other. Below are some of our favorite perks:

T-Mobile perks
  • Netflix subscription included with a T-Mobile Magenta family plan
  • Promotions like coupons and vouchers through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app
  • An hour of in-flight Gogo® Wi-Fi on eligible flights (or unlimited with T-Mobile Magenta Plus)
  • Free in-flight texting
  • Unlimited texting and data in most countries
Verizon perks
  • One year of free Disney+ (6 months for starter plans)
  • Six months of free Apple Music ($9.99 a month after that)
  • Free 600GB Verizon cloud storage (for Do More and Get More Unlimited plans)
  • $10 autopay discount
  • Mix and match data family plan

Both service providers provide strong arguments when it comes to the perks debate. But it all also comes down to what you actually prefer. But, the perks from Verizon appear juicier.

Quick Recap: T-Mobile vs Verizon

From the onset, we stated that this won’t be a knockout comparison between both providers. And if you have been following thus far, you’ll see that it’s true. What Verizon lack in speed it makes up for with coverage. And what T-Mobile lack in coverage it makes up for with speed.

Point is, both providers are excellent—you can’t go wrong. But here are a few specific examples of when it might make sense to choose one provider over the other.

When should you pick Verizon or T-Mobile?
  • Budgeters: T-Mobile offers cheaper unlimited plans than Verizon at every tier of service. If you’re looking for a non-unlimited data plan, then Verizon is actually better (Pick T-Mobile).
  • Heavy Data Users: Verizon has a whopping 75 GB data cap, which beats out T-Mobile’s 50 GB data cap. You can go nuts with data on Verizon (Pick Verizon).
  • Travelers: T-Mobile gives you unlimited text and data in most countries. You also get free in-flight texting and Wi-Fi (Pick T-Mobile).
  • Living in Rural Areas: Verizon does a much better job covering rural areas across the country (Pick Verizon).
  • Speed lovers: T-Mobile currently offers faster download and upload speeds than Verizon (Pick T-Mobile).
  • Apple Music, Disney+, and Discovery+ Fans: Verizon gives you up to a year of free subscription for Apple Music, Disney+, and Discovery+ (Pick Verizon).

T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless are both incredible companies. We hope this review will help you decide which best suits your needs.

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