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TCL brings Android 12 beta to TCL 20 Pro 5G

TCL has announced that the recently TCL 20 Pro 5G will among the first flagship devices to join in the test of Android 12 beta. The ongoing Android 12 Developer Preview Program (DPP), is a beta product that gives Android users and developers the opportunity to have access to the next generation Android OS.

This will allow these users and developers to explore the latest features and test applications on the new Android OS.

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TCL 20 Pro 5G was launched in selected regions around the globe and by June it should be available for purchase in the US. Several brands are jumping in on the new Android 12 beta and TCL is joining in on the action.

The tech company announced that the Android 12 beta is no available for its TCL 20 pro 5G smartphone.

“We are excited to have the TCL 20 Pro 5G featured at today’s Google I/O event, highlighting our strong partnership with Google in joining the Developer Preview Program,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO at TCL Communication. “The Android community is very important to the TCL brand, and we understand how critical it is to enable a reliable and seamless mobile experience for our users. The DPP grants us more opportunities to explore new features for enhanced stability, compatibility, connectivity and receive critical feedback from the developer community.”

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The Developer Preview Program for Android 12, the next version of Android OS, offers a number of tools for developers to improve user experience and provide an early test and development environment to create and optimize within the platform.

However, this is a beta, and the preview phase is targeted at early adopters and developers and is not intended for the general public. This announcement “strengthens TCL’s commitment to providing users with fast and easy access to the latest Android software updates and features,” says the company.

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Note that if you own a TCL 20 Pro 5G and it’s your daily driver, it’s not advisable that you install the Android 12 beta. This because, there are some feature that won’t function properly for now.

But, if you’re the fun type and want to try out how the Android 12 will work before it’s available for the public, then you should try it out.

Important Note: The Android 12 beta is meant for early adopters and developers. It’s not meant for the general public.






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