Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: If you are confused or caught in the dilemma of deciding which to buy between Tecno Pova and the Infinix Note 8, well we are here to help clear that up for you.

We tested both of these devices and found out which was better. The test and comparison was done along with RAM management.

There is also a teardown and inside test between these phones. All these are the result we are going to share you guys to help you decide between the Tecno Pova and Infinix Note 8 as to which is better.

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Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8

1. Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: Display and Build Material

From our test comparison both of these phones have same IPS LCD display type, about same same display size of 6.8 inch. But the Infinix Note 8 come with a full HD display which is better.

In the build material category, both phones have same plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. The other difference is the design of the phone. Tecno Pova come with a single selfie punch hole while the Infinix Note 8 come with a bigger dual punch hole.

You can see the teardown and inside comparison video below that shows clearly the difference between the front design of both phones.

Inside components Comparison of the Tecno Pova and Infinix Note 8

In this segment, the Infinix Note 8 offer better display quality. The full HD resolution promises better colours for users.

2. Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: Operating System and Software

You’ll enjoy all the features of Android 10 as these phones run the Android 10 OS out of the box. But in things get shaken up a bit in the software category.

The Infinix Note 8 uses the XOS 7 while the Tecno Pova uses the HiOS 7. So you’ll get different user experience and navigation system when using these phones.

We have some tips and tricks about using the XOS and HiOS softwares. You can check them out below.

3. Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: Chipset, RAM and Storage

There is MediaTek Helio G80 chip available for both phones. But, the Infinix Note 8 utilizes the full potential of the camera of this chip while the Tecno Pova utilizes the gaming potential of this chip.

So, you’ll get better camera with the Note 8 but get better gaming experience in the Pova.

They both have 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage with space for additional storage via microSD card.

4. Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: Battery and Sensors

The Tecno Pova has a 6000mAh battery with standard USB port with 18W fast charge while the Infinix Note 8 has 5200mAh battery with USB type-C with 18W fast charge.

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You get to have spend more time with your phone when using the Pova. Bigger battery always mean longer lasting battery.

Both phones have some cool sensors like the fingerprint, Face Unlock and even the Google Assistant.

5. Tecno Pova Vs Infinix Note 8: Prices

The price of the Tecno Pova is about $210, 75,000 Naira while the price of the Infinix Note 8 is about $238, 91,000 Naira. Which leads to the ultimate question, which is better?

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Both phones are good but the Infinix Note 8 is the better device here. It has better display quality, better camera and more recent USB type-C port.

The advantage of the Tecno Pova is that it has better battery and good for gaming. So here is the deal.

Why buy the Infinix Note 8 and not Tecno Pova
  1. You get better photo with the 64MP and dual front camera
  2. Better display quality with full HD
  3. The Dual speaker of the Note 8 offer better sound quality
  4. A more recent USB type-C port
Why buy the Tecno Pova and not Infinix Note 8
  1. Enjoy bigger 6000mAh battery with 18W fast charge
  2. Good for gaming as it’s build to play games with good cooling system
  3. It’s more affordable as it cost about $28 less than the Note 8.

So there you have it, the Tecno Pova and Infinix Note 8 comparison. It’s true that the Infinix Note 8 is better but it’s also more expensive.

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