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Tecno to launch first Android phone with sensor Shift IS and Telescopic lens

Tecno Mobile has been one of the innovative smartphone companies in 2021. The company might not be into the foldable smartphone yet but it sure has improved the quality of its smartphones in 2021.

After partnering with Samsung to bring 600MP and RGBW sensor in its future smartphones, the company is moving to more impressive stuffs. The company now have plans to adopt sensor shift image stabilization as well as develop a telescopic zoom lens for its upcoming phones.

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Sensor Shift IS

In 2022, the company has plans to introduce the first Android phone with sensor shift image stabilization (IS). Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the first to feature this sensor shift and it was used in all the models if the iPhone 13 series.

Tecno sensor shift

Right now, Android phones uses image stabilization (including those with gimbal stabilization) that moves the camera lens to stabilize image. But the sensor shift IS tech is quite different. How so?

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Instead of moving the camera lens, the sensor shift IS moves the sensor and this allows it to correct the roll axis (something that can’t be done with a lens-based IS). According to Tecno, the sensor shift tech combined with a new algorithm will improve the accuracy of image stabilization 350% compared to current solutions.

Telescopic Lens

The company is also working on bringing a telescopic zoom lens in its smartphone by 2022. This will come with a motor that can retract and extend the lens of the camera making a possible for a smoother zooming.

Tecno telescopic lens

OPPO already showcased a similar tech and it seems it’s the race of who gets in its smartphone first come 2022. Will Tecno be able to beat OPPO in bringing this new tech in 2022? Time will tell.

YouTube video: Tecno Phone with Retractable camera

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Telescopic modules manage to fit a larger sensor than periscope ones, but may have a shorter focal length. Oppo is targeting 50 mm maximum focal length, Tecno didn’t say.

RGBW sensor

Finally, Tecno is also planning on bringing RGBW sensors in its smartphone by next year. This is not the first time we’re hearing a phone company planning on bringing this feature. We previous explained all you need to know about the RGBW sensor and why it’s different in This Post.

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But the RGBW adds a “White” pixel to the regular Red, Green, and Blue. The white pixel has no filter so it absorbs 60% more light. Tecno also has plans to increase light gathering ability by another 30% by using a combination of glass and plastic lenses.

Recently, Tecno has pushing to enter the premium phone space. It launched the Phantom X with curved display and the Camon 18 Premier with 3x optical zoom lens. The company has no plans of stopping there and we’re expecting more from the company in 2022.







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