There is no doubt that the recently released Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is one of the best smartphone in the world right now. But, new report just showed that repairing this device is also pretty expensive. In fact, the cost of repairing its display alone will be enough to buy a new decent mid-range smartphone. How so?

In its official website, Xiaomi released a list of the repair cost of the Mi Mix 4. The display alone will cost you about $239 (1550 yuan) to repair. That is like one-third of the cost of the entire Mi Mix 4 which has a starting price of $770.

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With $232, you can buy a decent Redmi Note 10 5G with good chipset, nice battery life and a 5G chipset inside. But that is not all, even the ceramic back of the Mi Mix 4 will also cost you $105 (680 yuan) to replace. See list of repair cost released by Xiaomi below (in Chinese).

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 repair list
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 repair list

Well, the display is not coming as a total shock. I mean, it took Xiaomi engineers three years to bring a display that can accommodate an under-display camera tech. So, it’s kind of expected that the display will be expensive to replace.

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If you’re going to buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, then you should also be ready to spend more in repairs when the needs arise. Or you have to get a personal security guard to protect the components of the device.

Overall, the Mi Mix 4 is a very powerful smartphone. It has one of the best chipset, good battery life, incredible rear cameras and an under-display camera tech.

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Its display quality is also top notch with high refresh rate and nice resolution. This is the closest we’ve gotten to full screen display without notch or pop-up selfie cameras.

But, what do you think about the cost of repairing the display of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4? Is it too much? Or it’s something you can live with?

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