The battle between EU legislators and Apple is well-documented and known. But with the recent development, we could see the US joining the EU to force Apple to make changes to Apple iPhones sold in the US. EU legislator has mandated all phone makers to have a common charger requirement including Apple.

However, it seems Apple is trying to find its way around this legislation. According to a report from Die Zeit, phone companies will not be able to sell the devices in the EU market if they do not meet the common charger requirements. This is what Thierry Breton a senior Brussels official is quoted saying.

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So, if Apple makes any changes that limit the functionality of the USB-C port of the iPhone 15, then it won’t be allowed in the EU market. The EU Commission is stating this in simple but firm words.

iPhone 15 USB C charging port
Image Credit – 9to5Mac

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For those who don’t know, a number of rumors have indicated that Apple is looking for ways to restrict certain USB-C features to be accessible only when a proprietary Apple cable is being used. If Apple is allowed to do this, then the purpose of a common charging port in the first place is defeated.

It’s also important to point out that the next iteration of iOS will introduce sideloading for the first time. This is to ensure the software complies with legislation requiring implementation support for third-party app stores.

USB C charger
USB C charger

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But the common charger and sideloading of the iOS might only be available in the EU. This means those in the US market will miss out on this. So, the question is, will the US market allow the EU to enjoy these features or will the US join the EU commission and also force the hands of Apple?

I think the US might join the EU and force Apple to make similar changes that’ll be sold in the US. But what do you think about the EU mandating Apple to make these changes? Use the comment section and share your thought with us.

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