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Threads vs Twitter: The Differences and Similarities!

The Threads vs Twitter comparison is a funny one because one could hardly differentiate between them. Except for these 10 minor changes that occur when using them. We’ll start with the most obvious differences that could change possibly with time.

First, both are owned by billionaires. I mean men or innovators who are rich in billion dollars. Twitter is owned by Elon Musk- the world’s richest man. While Threads is owned by Mark Zuckerberg who currently is the 8th richest human on earth. But with the success of threads, Mark’s position could soon change for the better.

Secondly, unlike Twitter with ads, Threads has no ads. This makes the app “Threads” user-friendly and has gotten as many people excited about the product as possible. But we wait for how long it will take before Mark will start serving ads. Fingers crossed!

Thirdly, on Twitter, you can know what’s trending around the world. The hottest news, gossip, and happenings around the globe. But for now, that is yet to be introduced on Threads. But we know too, that it’s a matter of time as Mark and his team are still building the app.

Fourthly, Threads vs Twitter offers different policies for badge verification. A verified Instagram account can keep its blue badge on Threads but on Twitter that feature costs $8 a month.

Another thing to know is that Threads was able to accumulate millions of users on time because when creating a profile, the app will give the option to import bio information and followers from an existing Instagram profile. So it was pretty easy to kick start and millions of people loved the idea.

Threads vs Twitter video limit: unverified Twitter users are only permitted to post videos that are two minutes and 20 seconds long. In contrast, Threads allow all users to post five-minute-long videos.

On Twitter, you can save posts, bookmarks, etc. For now, those features are yet to be available on Threads. But Mark will make it possible soon on Threads.

Conclusion: Threads vs Twitter- Which is better?

As time goes on, the differences between Twitter and Threads will go minimal. Because Threads is copying and modifying every feature to suit its way. This reminds me of the “Jakobs principle “ in design. Well, you can follow me on Threads and Twitter.







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