TikTok is working on ways to cub online abuse. A new feature rolled today in the app will make is very easy for TikTok creators to report comments that is aimed at harassing them.

Creators on TikTok can now select multiple comments – up to 100 – at once and delete them. That’s not all. They can also select abusers, report remarks and block accounts in bulk.

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Previously, TikTok creators had to report, delete, or block users one by one. This new system will help these creators to remove any comment they don’t like in bulk.

TikTok new feature
Source: The Verge

It’s very easy for a good TikTok creator to become a star. Which also means there are lots of amateurs rising to stardom and make them target to abuse. So, this new feature will help these creators report and block lots of these abusers with ease.

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This feature is coming at a time when lots of people have been clamoring for change in online abuse. Sportsmen, entertainment celebrities are all victims of online abuse.

Been able to remove and block abusive users won’t solve the problem entirely but it’s a good step forward.

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According to TikTok, the feature will start rolling out today in “selected regions/market” and it will be rolled out globally in “coming weeks”. This is the latest in series of anti-harassment and anti-online bully features, including the option to approve comments before they appear.

There is also a prompt that tells people to rethink their comment or post if TikTok thinks the post contains something that is against its community rules.

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