What could possibly make using a smartphone more fun? Well, its the use of some easy short cut and AI features. In this article, we’ll be showing you more than 10 hidden features of Tecno Pova and how you can start using these features.

These Tecno Pova hidden features ranges from simple drag and toggle on/off to internal settings. Some of these features will even save you he stress of having to read through long texts. Other of these features will enhance the performance of the device during gaming mode while others will provide you short cut to key features.

Note that the Tecno Pova hidden features below are not listed in any particular order.

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10 Hidden features of Tecno Pova

  1. Google Assistant Button

The Google assistant button is at the left hand side of the phone. When you press it, it quickly loads the Google Assistant and you can set your Alarm, open Applications or even ask for direction using your voice. This is one good way for you to enjoy using Artificial Intelligence in your device.

With the Google Assistant feature of the Tecno Pova, you can use your voice to do most of the control. You give the Google Assistant instructions and it replies you with an answer. No need to type or navigate through the phone. Life is easier if you start using this feature.

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  1. Cast Screen to Laptop

If you want to cast the screen of your Tecno Pova to a laptop, well its easier than you might have thought. Lets face it, the 6.8 inch IPS LCD display of the Tecno Pova is big but the 15 inch screen of a laptop is way bigger and better.

Having your Families and friends get to enjoy watching films or playing games with you just got even better with this feature. To cast the screen of your Tecno Pova to your laptop just go to Settings > More Connection > Cast > then Enable Wireless display. We also have a full video tutorial on how to do this. Watch the video tutorial below.

Watch Video: 2 Steps To CAST TECNO Phone Screen To Laptop and

  1. Dark Mode/Dark Theme

The dark mode is on feature that will help you save battery. Although the Tecno Pova come with 6000mAh battery, if you live in a country like Nigeria you’ll understand why you need to save your battery.

Dark mode turns the display dark which is meant to help reduce battery usage. There are two ways to turn this feature on.

1. Swipe down and touch the Dark Mode option
2. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Turn on Dark Theme
  1. Smart Assistant

The Smart Assistant is a good way for you to get things easily done in your Tecno Pova. There are lots of exciting features you can use under the Smart Assistant. Some features in the smart assistant include, micro intelligence, accessibility, smart panel etc. We’ll get to explain the functions of these smart features in a bit.

To reach the Smart Assistant options go to Settings > Smart Assistant and this brings to explaining the features you can use in the smart assistant.

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  1. Smart Panel (Under Smart Assistant)

Smart panel offers you an easy way to easily swipe from the side of the screen and see accessible applications. This feature will work even while you using other applications. Its such an easy way to switch to using other app instead of quitting the app and searching for it.

  1. Micro Intelligence (Under Smart Assistant)

Micro intelligence is a very smart way to easily access your applications. All you have to do is draw a symbol on your Tecno Pova screen and the related app will be opened. For example, drawing the letter C will open the Camera, drawing the letter M will open Music app and drawing the letter W will open WhatsApp. Its really such a cool feature we know.

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  1. Music Gestures (under Micro Intelligence)

This features allows you to use gesture to control music in your Tecno Pova. You don’t have to wake the screen or even unlock the phone before you can Next, Pause, Previous or Play music. Just use your hand to make a gesture on the locked black screen and the music app will listen and follow suite.

  1. Raise to Ear Feature

Raise to ear feature allows you to answer phone calls by carrying your phone close to your ear. When you phone is ringing, all you have to to is take your phone close to your ear while its ringing and automatically answer the phone call.

Life is really easier when you start using some AI and cool features of your device. But there is even more hidden features in the Tecno Pova.

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  1. Smart Screen On

Imagine your phone knowing when to turn ON and when to turn itself OFF. This is what the Smart Screen On of the Tecno Pova does. When you pick up the phone, the light comes up and when you place the phone down, the light goes off. Saves you lots of stress of having to press the power button all the time.

  1. Select to speak under accessibility

If you are tired of reading texts on your screen then you will really love this feature. Select to speak helps you select the texts on your screen and the phone automatically reads them out to you.

Imagine been on a Wikipedia page trying to read lots of texts. Well, you don’t have to stress yourself any longer. Just turn this feature ON and select the texts you want to read and the phone will do the reading for you. Simple, easy and efficient.

There are at the least of 10 hidden features of Tecno Pova that you would really love. Features such as the Social Turbo, Game Mode, Video beauty, OTG and more. You should watch the video below to see how to turn on each of these features and know some other extra nice and cool features.

Tecno Pova – 20+ Hidden Features (Number 9 is My Favorite)

So, these are the 10 hidden features of Tecno Pova that you should try and make use of. Its very easy to use and makes using the phone more fun.

Tell us, which of these features excites you the most and why? use the comment section below and lets talk.


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