Top 7 Galaxy AI Features: The Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra are the smartest phones in the world right now. The smartphones come with various AI features and below are the best ones we’ve enjoyed using.

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Top 7 Galaxy AI Features

1. Circle to Search

Samsung partnered with Google to bring this unique feature. By holding on to the home button, you’ll be able to circle, highlight, scribble on, or tap anything on the screen to get search results. For example, if you see a shoe while scrolling on any social media platform, just hold on to the home button, you’ll be able to circle that shoe and automatically the Google search engine will open showing you more details about that shoe. This works on anything and at any time.

2. Live Translation

This lives inside the native app. It instantly translates conversations and written content into different languages. Live translation aids easy communication in multilingual settings.

3. Chat Assistant

Samsung keyboard is now very smart- thanks to the integration of chat assistant. This feature helps make translated conversations natural and work in 13 languages at launch. The whole process happens inside the keyboard.

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4. Android Auto

This feature will sum up and coming messages and recommend replies – sending someone your expected time of arrival, and more that’s available to explore.

5. Note Assistant

Since we all are living in a fast world, the Note Assistant will edit and summarize notes, create templates and covers (like the headings or sections), and simplify notes with pre-made formats.

6. Voice Recording Assistant

This Galaxy AI feature converts recorded audio to text. While doing that, it can recognize and then identify individual speakers of up to 20 people. It Transforms voice recordings into written transcripts, with instant translation and summarization.

7. Interpreter

Interpreter is a split-screen app that transcripts live conversations between two people in two different languages.

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Conclusion: Top 7 Galaxy AI Features

If you happen to own any of the Galaxy S24 smartphones, make sure to make use of the Galaxy AI features regularly. They make communication easier, faster and lots more.

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