With the Covid 19(corona virus) officially declared as a Pandemic, most countries are on lock down. This means you have to get most of the things you need from online stores. While the Covid 19 is making a name for itself globally, its quite affecting lots of things and the world of technology is inclusive. Which of course includes buying and selling mobile phones.

We are been advice to keep a safe distance from others and what better way is there to keep your distance than to order for the things you need from home. Hence, we have put together the top 9 online stores where you can buy your Android Phone in Nigeria.

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Online stores are websites designed with features to keep stock and sell these stock on request. All operations are automated, buying, selling and making payments are all done on the website. Receipt is generated with an order ID for you to track the shipment of what you bought.

These stores also have their branches offline but for safety reasons its best you make a purchase from their site. Buying phones online is pretty simple and straight forward. You visit the site, select the phone, add to cart and proceed to checkout where you provide your billing and shipping address then make payment.

Without further delay, lets get to briefly introduce you to 9 online stores where you can buy Mobile Phones (Android and iPhone) in the country.

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Top 9 Online Stores To Buy Mobile Phones in Nigeria

  1. Pointek Online
  2. Jumia
  3. Konga
  4. Jiji
  5. Slot
  6. 3C Hub
  7. Amazon
  8. Ebay
  9. GSM Store NG

1. Pointek Online

Pointek is one of the leading online and offline mobile phone stores in Nigeria. They are major wholesaler and retailer of mobile phones and they have close partnership with top phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi etc.

The major reason why its sitting in the first position ahead of Jumia and Konga is the fact that Pointek deals mainly on Mobile Phones. Unlike Jumia and Konga that are market place and deals with other items like fashion, electronics devices etc.

Pointek also sells phones at very cheap prices. In fact they sell most of their phones at retail prices from the brand. They also offer incredible discount prices that is mouth watering. You can check out this article to see their recent discount offers which is up to 45% off on some top Android phones.

2. Jumia

Jumia is taking the second spot and we say they deserve it. Been an online marketplace, Jumia have lots of sellers and they link thousands of buyers to hundreds of sellers. Even the likes of Itel, Infinix have stores here where they sell their phones.

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Been a market place, you have to navigate your way down to the mobile phone category which is pretty simple judging from the layout of the site. But, most persons does have issues with getting a different package delivered to them from Jumia. Not to worry, there is a 7 day return policy that covers you when you make purchase from Jumia.

Overall, you might have to search the site for a while before you can get to the phone category. And given the fact that stores on Jumia are owned by individuals, you might also see higher prices compare to those in Pointek. But, you can take advantage of the Jumia Tech Week and enjoy great discount when making purchase on the site.

3. Konga

Konga is as big as Jumia and their mode of operation is quite similar. But its just below Jumia in terms of popularity and this place it one step below Jumia in this article. Been a market place, one advantage of using Konga is that you get to see various prices.

Another interesting thing is that, suggestions does not only include phones but also phone accessories which like phone cover and screen guard which can/will help make you phone pretty and safe.

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of course, you might also experience all the difficulties you see when using Jumia. Like Jumia, Konga also have a return policy that helps you get your money back when the wrong package is delivered to you.

4. Jiji NG

Jiji NG could have occupied the first spot on this list but the guarantee level of Jiji NG is very low. So, basically trust issues is why Jiji NG is sitting in this spot instead of the Number on2 spot.

Jiji NG is a Nigeria online market place where things are sold just like Jumia and Konga. But, unlike Jumia and Konga, fairly used products are also sold on Jiji NG. Due to the high level of trust issues, this market place does not support online payment. They only encourage buyers to meet face to face with the seller publicly before, examine the product before they make payment.

However, we do recommend you to buy from Jiji NG as you can see very affordable new mobile phones here. Some of the phones comes with complete accessories, others does not. It is very important that you should be very careful and avoid making payment before you see the phone.

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5. Slot NG

Popularly known for phone swapping in Nigeria, Slot NG does more than just that. They are also responsible for phone repairs and sales of mobile phones. Slot NG have stores in various places in Nigeria and most of their stores is in ShopRite Shopping Mall across the country.

The fact that their online store is not regularly updated is one reason why they are in the number 5 position. But, you can get mobile phones from them at very affordable prices. Like Pointek, they are not market place hence it is very easy for you to see the phone you want to buy.

6. 3C Hub

3C hub is just like Pointek and Slot NG. If you are looking for those low budget phones then this is the place you want to go. 3C Hub have phones that costs as low as N20,500.

They always have the latest phones in stock; flagship phones, mid-range phones and even low budget phones. But, just like Slot NG, they don’t always update their site regularly. We think they are currently working to improve this as they recently launched their mobile App and currently remaking their site.

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7. Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest market place in the World but its still sitting at the number 7 spot because it is not the best shopping option for Nigerians. I mean, why go through the stress of converting your Naira to Dollar and waiting for about 14-21 days before a phone arrives when you can get the phone in Pointek and have delivered the next day.

So, with respect to Amazon, local stores are topping it in this list. But, Amazon is very useful when it comes to ordering phones that are not available in Nigeria. In reality, not all mobile phones launched comes to Nigeria. Amazon is one of the perfect place to get these phones.

What this means is, if you want to buy a phone that is available in Nigeria, we advice you buy from any local online store listed above. But, for any phone that is not available in Nigeria, we recommend you use Amazon to buy that phone.

8. Ebay

Ebay is our second recommendation when it comes to buying phones that is not available in Nigeria. Just Amazon, it could have gone up on our list but it poses lots of inconvenience hence its sitting one spot below amazon on this list.

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With Ebay, you can also get fairly used phones in good working conditions at affordable prices. But, you have make payment for goods and pay for delivery before you get it. We only encourage you to use Ebay when the phone is not available for purchase in Nigeria.

9. GSM Store NG

GSM Store NG is not quite as popular as the other stores in our list (at least not yet). But they does have phones at really good prices and we hope they improve soon. From experience, phones are more affordable in GSM Store NG than in Jumia and Konga stores.

Another interesting thing about this Online store is the fact that they also sell phones that is not available in Nigeria. But, you have to wait longer days to get the phone delivered to you.

As we gradually turn down the volume for the top 9 online stores in Nigeria where you can buy mobile phones, we want you to remember to always shop safely. We hope the situation of the world improves but for now shop safely from home.


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