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Top Best 4G Network Providers In Nigeria

We are currently in the era of 4G network (fourth generation network). There are numbers of companies providing 4G network services in Nigeria. Choosing a 4G network provider can be pretty tiresome so we are putting the top best 4G network providers in Nigeria together to make it easier for you.

The best 4G network providers in Nigeria is a list of telecommunication companies in Nigeria that shows the ones that offers best 4G networks in the country. Note that this list is based on area coverage and internet connectivity of these companies. Granted, some of these companies have cheaper data plans but we won’t be compiling the list based on that.

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Reason for the above is simple. Cheaper data does not mean it can be used in places where the services are not available. So, this list will take overall user satisfaction into consideration. That been said, lets get started with the list.

Best 4G Network Providers in Nigeria

8. NTel Network

NTel Network one of the latest telecommunication company in Nigeria, according to Ntel, they are only fully operational in 2 states with the Federal capital territory. Except you are in Lagos State, Port Harcourt State or Abuja, you can not enjoy using the NTel network.

While they are still working on getting more coverage in Nigeria, NTel provides nice 4G network experience in the region they cover above. In fact, they have truly unlimited data plans. When we say unlimited we mean there is no data cap attached with the data.

From as low as N1,500, you can enjoy unlimited data. They have daily, weekly and monthly unlimited data plans. You can visit the Ntel Site for more details. The reason why they are sitting in this position is the fact that they cover smaller regions.

7. Swift Network

Swift Network in another growing telecommunication company in Nigeria. The network connectivity of this network sounds exactly as the name. If you want to enjoy that smooth and speedy internet connectivity then you should consider using Swift. However, just like NTel Network, they also cover only some parts of Nigeria.

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They seem to have larger coverage than NTel Network though. Some of the talking points of the Swift network includes, their unlimited data plans, data promos and business plans.

Coverage areas of the Swift Network includes, Abuja, Lagos and some of its environs, Port Harcourt and some of its environs. You can see all the data plans from the Swift Site.

6. Spectranet Network

Spectranet Network is a fast growing Telecommunication company. It is just like Swift and NTel above but is bigger. They have numerous partnership with various companies that makes it even easier for users to make payment for their products online.

If you are thinking of very cheap data plans then you should check out the data plans of Spectranet. This network company offers users 8GB for about N3,100. While you can enjoy 10GB for about N3,600. It even gets better and you can check out the data plans from their website.

Although its network coverage is limited to some region, it also cover quite some distance in the country.

5. Smile Network

Smile Network is another fast growing Telecommunication company in Nigeria. They provide nice network services but its limited to some regions for now. But, their network covers more areas when compared with the other network providers above.

Just as the name, using Smile Network is meant to put those smiles in your face. Imagine having to cruise an unlimited data for a whole 30 days. No data cap or those annoying messages reminding you that you have 500MB left.

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It even gets better with Smile Data deals. Here, you can buy phones and get free SIM and data bundles. Also you get to enjoy a whooping 31GB for a little above N11,000.

You can visit their site to check out regions and their data plans. Its very impressive what these growing network providers are bringing to the table.

4. 9Mobile Network

9Mobile Network formerly known as Etisalat is among the four big Telecommunication companies in Nigeria. They provide nice and decent network and are available major cities in the country.

This Network providers is taking the 4th position of best 4G Network Providers in Nigeria. If you need to get double 4G data to surf the internet then you might want to consider 9Mobile. Their EazyBlaze network also guarantees fast internet, speedy download and upload time.

But, there have been complaints of their data been exhausted quickly. Well, this complaints is also associated with MTN and Airtel networks. The major problems with 9Mobile is that they are not available in rural areas. Which means stepping outside the city means rendering 9Mobile network useless.

We hope in coming years they’ll improve their network coverage to include more rural areas. That been said, 9Mobile offers some incredible 4G data that you might ant to jump in and enjoy.

3. Glo Network

Glo Network is a Telecommunication company owned by a Nigerian. They are known as the grand masters of data and if you have been on the Glo Network you will understand why. If it were left for data caps and volume, Glo would be topping this list with ease but its more than just providing cheap data.

You see, Glo or Globacom offers what Nigerians would call “Plenty Data” at very “Cheap Prices”. But the problems with Glo network is that their networks are not always available when you need them especially in rural areas.

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Its still better than 9Mobile networks and that is why its sitting one step above in the best 4G network providers in Nigeria. If you live in major cities, trust me, Glo data bundles are the best choice for you. Not even MTN Nigeria comes close to the Grand Masters of data.

2. MTN Network

MTN Nigeria is arguably the biggest Telecommunication company in Nigeria. They have bigger customer base and more network coverage. With this in mind it might come as a surprise that they are sitting at the second position. Well, yes they are here and except they improve some things they might even go further down the list.

To be honest, MTN Nigeria offers one of the best network services in Nigeria. Incredible customer support system, nice website and Apps. Talk about data and MTN also have a whole lots of data plans for all its customers which is pretty good.

But as far as 4G Network is concern, MTN 4G network is not even available in some cities. Which leaves us with the question, why will the biggest company in Nigeria not have 4G network in some major places.

It has been observed in number of places where there is Glo and Airtel 4G network, there is not MTN 4G Network. For this single reason they are sitting at the second spot in this 4G network list.

1. Airtel Network

Airtel Network is presumed to be the third largest Telecommunication company in Nigeria. And against what most persons might feel it is sitting in the first position in this best 4G network providers list. Well, it might to remain like this for a while at least until 9Mobile, Glo, MTN or any other network provider step up.

You see, Airtel Network not only provides data but also have more 4G presence. It has been observed that Airtel 4G network is available in almost anywhere you see Airtel network.

Unlike MTN Networks that have 3G in an area but no 4G in that same area. If Glo and 9Mobile Networks had have more rural presence they might have taken this spot. But, Airtel Networks having 4G in more areas makes them the idea network provider to top this list.

List of Best 4G Network Providers In Nigeria

  1. Airtel Network
  2. MTN Network
  3. Glo Network
  4. 9Mobile Network
  5. Smile Network
  6. Spectranet Network
  7. Swift Network
  8. NTel Network

Note this article was not compiled with the network coverage in mind. Our interest was only specific to 4G networks provided by these Telecommunication companies.

In conclusion, if you are within Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Asaba, Benin City, we advice you use Smile, Spectranet, Ntel or Swift networks. These network companies offers you lots of data deals that the top four network companies won’t.

But, if you are outside those cities above, then use Glo network as they offer better data deals. You can also consider 9Mobile network due to its fast internet connectivity. MTN network is good but does not have 4G readily available even in major citis. Overall, we advice you to use Airtel networks if you want to enjoy 4G networks even in some rural areas.

We’d like to hear what you think about this top best 4G network providers in Nigeria. If we missed any network provider that should be on this list, you disagree with this list or you want to share your experience with us using any of the listed network, please use the comment section below.


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