Transfer Crypto from If you have tried to withdraw your funds from platform before now, you’ll notice that there is a huge transfer fee associated with the transfer. This huge transfer fees usually come into play when you’re withdrawing or transferring your cryptocurrency to another platform.

For example, transferring Binance BNB from to Binance App can cost you up to $10 depending on the amount you’re withdrawing. The worst cryptocurrency to transfer from is ETHEREUM (ETH). You can spend as high as $20 on transfer fee to transfer a $50 worth of crypto.

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But, there is a way you can safely transfer your cryptocurrency from to another wallet while paying just $1 or $2 for transfer fee. This involves some very easy conversion process which I’ll explain to you now.

How to Convert Cryptocurrency on

To withdraw your crypto to another wallet, you need to convert your coin to a cryptocurrency with low transfer fee. From my experience, Tether (USDT) and Litecoin (LTC) are the best. With USDT, you can transfer your coin for just $1 while the transfer fee for LTC is about $2.

Below is how to convert from one coin to another on

  1. Log into your App (Create a free account now if you don’t have one)
  2. Click on the TRADE button
  3. Click on the BUY button from the next page
  4. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to buy (for this article I’ll use LTC)
  5. On the next page, choose CRYPTO WALLET (the next page will display balance of your available assets)
  6. From the list of available cryptocurrencies, select the one you wish to convert to LTC
  7. Enter the amount of LTC you wish to get and Click the Convert button at the bottom

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Follow the onscreen instruction and within three minutes you’ll get the value of the converted crypto in your LTC balance. Go to Accounts >> Crypto Wallet to confirm your available LTC balance.

Note that you can convert from any crypto to any crypto using the steps above. Now that you have successfully converted the crypto, its time to TRANSFER to another wallet.

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How to Withdraw or Transfer Crypto from

  1. Log into your App
  2. Click on TRANSFER
  3. Click on WITHDRAW and Select CRYPTO
  4. Click on EXTERNAL WALLET and ADD Wallet Address
  5. At top right click the + sign and select WALLET ADDRESS from the option
  6. Select the CRYPTO you wish to add its WALLET ( in this case LTC)
  7. Copy the LTC Wallet address from your other wallet provider e.g. BINANCE and paste on the space provided on

Follow the onscreen instruction to complete TRANSFER of LTC from to your BINANCE Account.

Note that this LTC wallet address is saved by and when you need to make withdraw next tie you don’t have to add it again. Just click on the WITHDRAW button close to the Wallet address.

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Why Transfer Cryptocurrency from is a great platform no doubt and its very secure. But there are couple of reasons why you might want to transfer your crypto from this platform to another platform lets say Binance. Top of the reason is EASE OF SALE. Binance provide lots of options to sell your crypto. Another reason is GOOD SELLING RATE.

For example, you can use the P2P Feature to easily sell your crypto and get paid in your local currency. Also, platforms such as Binance also offers good crypto rate. does have an exchange platform but no P2P feature which means you’ll spend money selling your crypto on the platform.

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The TRANSFER fee of LTC from to other Wallet is very low. This way, you save lots of money when you transfer crypto from to another cryptocurrency platform. The guide is pretty simple and easy to follow. But, if you have any questions or need help with this, please use the Contact US page to send us a message.


    1. Hello Altis,

      I don’t know how you did it but since I’ve been withdrawing usdt from, I’ve only have to pay 1 usdt for transfer. I also pay less fee when transferring using litecoin.

      If usdt gives you that huge transfer fee, then i advice you use litecoin to make withdrawals.

      Hope this helps

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