Twitter Ban in Nigeria: After 6 months of Twitter Ban in Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to lift Twitter Ban in the country. Twitter ban was lifted in Nigeria in the early hours of Friday 13 2022 after lots of negotiations between the FG of Nigeria and Twitter.

Remember that Twitter was banned in Nigeria back on June 5 2021 after the American social media giant deleted a tweet by President Buhari two days earlier. In its excuse, Twitter said such tweet was against its community policy.

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FG on the other hand banned twitter citing that its activities in Nigeria is suspicious and seems to have interest in undermining its governance. But now that twitter and FG are on same page, what are 5 things you note about the lifting f Twitter ban in Nigeria.

5 Things to Note as FG lifts Twitter Ban in Nigeria

Twitter Ban in Nigeria

1. Government has Power

The first to note is that every active government has power has power and will always do what they feel is right for their country regardless of how you feel. Who would have thought that a twitter ban was possible and that it could last for 6 months.

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Also, every government is open to negotiations and to conditions that are beneficial to the government and public. Nigeria FG lifted this twitter ban only after a certain terms and conditions are met by the American search giant.

2. There is always Alternatives

Even with the Twitter ban in place, lots of Nigerians were still accessing and active on the Twitter. Many were using VPN while others were tweaking their IP address.

Point is, there is always an alternative route to achieving things online. One thing the ban has achieved is to show Nigerians that there is always a way to access your favorite app.

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3. Avoid Rumors and Speculations

Since the lift of twitter ban, there has been rumors and speculations flying around. You should be very careful which of these rumors you subscribe to and promote. This because some rumors and speculations will cause more damage than good.

Don’t be sentimental about the whole issues and while Twitter is within its right to delete a post that goes against its community policy, record also shows that the twitter was bias in some cases.

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4. Business owners stay away from Politics

If you’re a business owner, you might want to avoid attaching yourself to politics. This is because if the politics does not go your way, you might be at the edge of a sharp sword. Take Twitter for example, the app promoted so many hashtags that was not in the interest of FG and left so many tweets that excessively criticized FG untouched.

At some point, the owner of Twitter even lend its support for some movements which the Nigeria FG see as against its government. All these has already placed the App in its bad books and when the App rightly deleted a tweet from the presidency, then there is ground for penalizing the platform. And as we all know, FG didn’t let the opportunity pass by.

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5. Focus on Positive

Well, this is not the time to throw blames and point fingers or subscribe to rumors and speculations. Now that twitter ban is lifted, you should focus on the positives by going about promoting your business using the audience of twitter.

The time and energy you could have spent on rumors and speculations can be use to get more customers and grow your business. This does not mean you should not get in on the cruise every once in a while.

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These are the five things you should note as the twitter ban is lifted. One, government is powerful and can ban and unban any app. Two, there is always a way around such ban and other alternatives as to how to access a banned app.

Lastly avoid unnecessary rumors and speculations and focus more on positives by trying to grow your business on twitter.

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