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Twitter introduces Twitter Communities to rival Facebook Group

Twitter Communities: Social media platforms are working to improving their platforms. Recent incidents brought the needs for censoring users and also trying to stop the spread of fake news and deletes abusive posts. But, changes in these platforms is not restricted to policies.

Twitter is testing a new Twitter communities feature that is likes of Facebook Group and Reddit Subreddits. By introducing the Twitter communities, users with similar interest can be in same space and share ideas on Twitter.

Introducing the Twitter Communities

Twitter Communities will serve same purpose as Facebook Groups with some minor adjustment in the way it functions. Just like groups on Facebook, there will be moderators to control the community.

The Job of moderators is to keep an eye on what’s going on in the community. To remove those who goes against the rules of the community, to approve new community members and also delete posts that goes against community rules.

But unlike Facebook groups, you can only join Twitter Communities if you’re invited. In a statement about this new feature the company stated, “Communities are just invite-only for now, but we’re working on ways for people to discover and join Communities they want to be a part of.”

Twitter invited several users to create the first-ever official Communities on the platform: #DogTwitter, #SkincareTwitter, #AstroTwitter, and #SoleFood

Is Twitter Community restrictive or exclusive?

Not all user can currently open a Twitter community. You need to apply and get approved by Twitter before you can create your Community. It seems there are some criteria you need to meet before Twitter can approve your community.

Twitter Community
Twitter Community

This is very different from Facebook groups that can be created by anyone. Note that the criteria for the Community application is not made public by the company. And we don’t know how long Twitter will use this controlled approach.

But since this feature is still in testing stage, it’s only fair that Twitter put measures in place to avoid abusing this new feature. Maybe creating the community will be less restrictive or maybe the Twitter will make public the criteria for getting a twitter community in the future.

However, if Twitter continues that users will follow an approval process to get Twitter communities, then this will be very different from what Facebook has done with Facebook groups.

What do you think about Twitter introducing a Twitter Community feature? Is it a nice move? Will it be a worthy rival to Facebook Groups? Share your opinion in the comment section below.





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