To help keep the twitter community safer, Twitter is working on some new features to be introduce. One of the recent feature is a warning notification when users wants to join a conversation that might get heated up or become intense.

Twitter ‘heads up’ notification feature

This new Heads Up notification will prepare users for the conversation. And the notifications also reminds users the following;

  1. Remember the Human: This reminds users that all involve in the conversation are humans and they should speak with respect to each other.
  2. Facts Matter: Instead of blind argument, users should back their argument with facts from known source to keep the conversation civil.
  3. Diverse perspective have value: Just because a user does not see things from your perspective does not mean he’s views are worthless.
twitter heads up feature
Twitter heads up

The reason for this feature is to remind users to not use abusive terms during the conversation. This heads up feature is currently been tested for Twitter iOS and Android. It was tweeted by Twitter Support Page and the essence of the feature is to help users determine the vibe of a conversation before joining in.

Once the heads up notification comes up, you have to click the “Count Me In” button for you to join the conversation.

There has been no specific conversation laid out by twitter where you’ll see the heads up notification. But, from the demo post, it appears to be posts that involves fact checking, public opinion and athletes.

We don’t know how soon Twitter will start rolling out this feature but the fact that it’s been tested means it’s around the corner. Also, we can’t say if this feature will stay for long or just temporarily. The company can decide to also abandon the feature if it not serving its intended purpose in the long run.

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