Its quite frustrating anytime you try to send money using your own banking app and its not going through. This is exactly what most UBA bank customers have had to endure over some weeks now. In fact, if you own the UBA Mobile APP, chances are you can’t send money to others right now. So, what is really wrong and how can you resolve this issue.

To know how to solve the problem, let’s first talk about the nature of the problem. So what is really wrong with the UBA Mobile App?

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For some reasons best known to UBA Bank, the version 5.7.37 of the UBA Banking App is refusing to send money. The mobile app will open but once you initiate a transfer process, it comes up with the following error:

Your request is taking longer than usual. Please try again shortly. If the issue persists, contact 01-2808822.

UBA App error

The above error pops after you have typed you the persons account number, entered your PIN and confirmed transaction fees. So why is this happening?

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Right now there is no official statement from the bank but like every other mobile app out there, this issue might be a bug in the app. This is something a new update like the version 5.8 of the UBA App can easily resolve. But, till the new update is rolled out, how can you use the App?

For now, the only way around this seems to be turning on a VPN. In most cases, users who turned on their VPN where able to make transfers with ease. Attempts to reach UBA customer care agents regarding this issue were futile as non of our messages got response from them.

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Maybe is due to the festive season or something. For now, it seems VPN will be solving most of our problems. If you’re among the UBA customers who are facing this transfer issue on the UBA mobile App, you can either wait for the new App update, use the USSD code transfer, use ATM transfer, or connect to a secure VPN.

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