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Update: First Affordable 5G Phone Coming To Africa Soon

Affordable 5G Phone Coming To Africa: Smartphone companies usually bring a different non 5G model of their phones to Africa. Which is like a tune down version of the phone. Take Samsung for example, they shipped the Exynos version of their Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 to Africa (non 5G).

Samsung is not the only company doing this. Reason for this is the fact that there is no good or solid 5G infrastructure yet in most Africa countries. But a shift is coming and its quite an impressive and interesting update regarding 5G smartphones in Africa.

Prior to this time, when you need to use a 5G smartphone in Africa, you have to order and get it shipped from overseas. It seems this story is now going to have new chapter and its going to be titled “Affordable 5G Smartphones in Africa“.

Over the past few months, there have been lots of works to bring commercial 5G to Africa. Nigeria tested 5G in various parts of the country earlier this year.

A new report also has it that other African countries did same and most countries gave access to allow internet service providers to have 5G.

For the past few days, Xiaomi Nigeria has been hinting on releasing an affordable 5G phone in Nigeria. If this happens, then you can be sure other African countries are close by.

We don’t have the complete details yet but we’ve got some updates to help you know what is coming.

Although Xiaomi recently released the Redmi Note 9 5G series in china, we believe they’ll be releasing a different phone in Africa. The first Redmi 5G phone to launch in Nigeria will be the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G

This is going to be quite an affordable device as speculation has it that it will cost between 100,000-130,000 Naira. We also have some more details regarding the specifications of this device.

It will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset. The Snapdragon 765G is a 5G chip from Qualcomm targeted at midrange phones. With its in built 5G moderm, it’s confirmed that the device is a 5G device.

There are also some few more tweaks with the other features of the device.

Other features to expect includes a 108MP quad rear camera, 32MP single selfie camera placed in punch hole, 5120mAh battery with fast charge and USB type-C.

For the device to be affordable, it means Xiaomi will have to make some few sacrifices and we think this will come in the area of display. They might use the more affordable IPS LCD display panel, uses a bigger 108MP camera sensor.

Why is this even important? It’s suppose to be just another 5G phone released by another smartphone company. Well, this is a big deal for the tech company and Africa.

For one thing, Africa seems to be left behind when it come to 5G and it will actually feel nice to have a working 5G in the continent.

Then if this happens, then Xiaomi will be the first company to actually bring a 5G device to Africa. Africans can now say goodbye to having lower models of device shipped to their country.

As we look forward to what Xiaomi have in-stock for Africans, lets sit back and enjoy 4G as we await the release of the first affordable 5G phone to be launch in Africa.

Note: This article is based on strictly speculations. We gathered data from past Xiaomi Redmi phones and speculated what the new phone might look like. Features here are not 100% accurate but we know the 5G is accurate.





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