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Uptrade: Best Place to Buy Used Cell Phones in United States?

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The increasing cost of cell phones is one reason why most persons are looking for affordable places to buy used cell phones. UpTrade is one such place where you can actually buy used cell phones at good prices.

If you live in the United States or its environs then you might want to save money when buying your next phone. Or you might want to make some money by selling your used cell phone. Either way, this is one of the websites you should start using.

This review shares insight on the company and how it operates. It explains what they are all about and how you can maximize using the website to buy affordable refurbished cell phones.

What is UpTrade (UpTradeit)?

UpTrade or Uptradeit is an online market place (website) where you can buy and sell used cell phones in the United States. It is managed by UP Trade Technologies located at 550 S Watters Rd Suite 276 Allen, TX 75013. What they do is, buy used cell phones from people, certify and confirm the working condition of the phone, then sell the used cell phones at affordable prices.

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There are two things you can do once you have registered with UpTrade – One, you can buy refurbished cell phones at affordable prices. Two you can sell your used phones for good money.

For the fact these cell phones are per-owned, engineers from the company will have to certify every cell phone. This way, you can decide to buy cell phones based on the ratings of their engineers.

With Uptrade, you can buy; refurbished Samsung phones, iPhones, Google Pixel, LG and OnePlus cell phones.

Benefits of buying phone from UpTrade

  1. Buy cell phones at affordable prices
  2. Massive discount on phone prices
  3. Use of coupon codes
  4. You can return the phone within 30 days if it’s not what you bargained for.
  5. All phones have gone through inspection by engineers and this boost confidence in the validity of these refurbished cell phones.
  6. Enjoy free shipping in some parts of the United States.

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Benefits of selling your phone to UpTrade

  1. You get good value for the phone (so long you gave an accurate description of the phone)
  2. You get paid by the company itself hence you won’t have to wait till the phone is sold before you receive payment.
  3. Your phone is inspected by their specialist which means they won’t ask for refund after they make payment.
  4. Payment is usually made within 2-14 days depending on the inspection method you selected when selling.
  5. Phones that fits in from Good to Pristine condition can be sold on their website.

UpTrade Buy and Sell Rules

  1. Don’t sell stolen devices on the website. They’ll turn it over to the authorities and you’ll end up in jail.
  2. They don’t accept water damaged smartphones.
  3. The payment options available when you sell your sell phone to them is PayPal or eCheck.
  4. You can be paid the next day or within 14 days depending on your payment selection.
  5. Uptrade only works in United States, Mexico and Canada. So, if you live outside these countries, you can’t probably use their service.

For more information please visit this FAQ page.

Is it Safe to Use Uptrade?

Yes it is safe to use the services of Uptrade. To be sincere, they are not the only company that is into selling refurbished cell phones. BestBuy, eBay, Swappa etc are also in the business. So, its not like they are the only ones doing this.

Also, if you are buying refurbished cell phones from them, you should understand that these phones are genuine. They won’t sell you a damaged phone and you also have the option to return the device within 30 days.

Cell Phones from the website are even insured and also goes through inspections before they are sold.

So, is Uptrade the best place to buy used phones in United States of America? Well, their services are good and can be trusted but they are not the only ones offering such services. The likes of eBay and BestBuy stated above are still very good. You can try them out today and take advantage of their various offers.

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