The upgrade to the USB4 version 1.0 has been announced by the USB Promoter Group. It is called that USB4 version 2.0 or USB4 2.0 and is twice as fast as USB4 1.0. The new USB4 version 2.0 has a transfer speed of up to 80Gbps. This speed is about double that of the USB4 1.0.

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The USB4 2.0 Type-C cables are backward compatible and this means its new active 80 Gbps Type-C cable connectors support USB4 1.0, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, and Thunderbolt 3 and vice versa. Even older USB-C cables will work on USB4 Version 2.0 ports but they might not deliver the high speeds (80Gbps).

One of the major advantages of the new protocol is that it can be utilized by high-performance displays, storage and hubs, and docks. With its 80 Gbps of bandwidth, you may be able to connect an external GPU to a laptop using a USB4 2.0 cable and get a desktop-like gaming experience with little to no compromise in performance.

USB4 version 2.0 announced

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In addition, the new standard plays well with the latest versions of DisplayPort and PCIe. So, the new incoming USB4 version 2.0 is not just fast but also very compatible with multiple devices. It’ll be able to transfer data between different devices including devices with older ports even though it has a fast speed.

More details about the USB4 2.0 will be shared during the USB Developer Days 2022 conference on November 1.


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