Verizon Review: The cell phone plans from Verizon are quite expensive but they still offer the best coverage in the country, fast speeds, and lots of hotspot data. Actually, an average Verizon cell phone plan is about $10 more than those of other carriers or service providers.

But if you are the type of person that goes for the best, well Verizon gives you the best value for your money as an internet service provider. Above is the summary of Verizon wireless but we actually got more for you. We decided to get you acquainted with the basic details of their services too. Interested?

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Verizon Review: Verizon unlimited plans

Verizon Unlimited Data

This is probably the best-unlimited data plan in the world and surely not the cheapest. Though not always pricier, if you take a look and compare its unlimited plans with those of its closest competitors (AT&T and T-Mobile), Verizon is kinda more expensive. The price might be worth it though considering the coverage, speed, and performance the company offers users.

As we dive deep into the prices of Verizon cell phone plans, we want you to remember that while you might pay less to get these plans from other ISP, coverage also matters. With that said, let’s now throw the prices of Verizon wireless plans into the stage.

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How Good are Verizon Unlimited Data Plans?

Verizon unlimited plan features

So what do you get when you buy a Verizon unlimited plan? Well to begin, you can sure to get really good service.

If you have unlimited data, it’s only fair that you have the freedom to use it. Being on holiday or going camping should not stop you from watching those YouTube originals, or watching new episodes of Jimmy Kimmel and even Trevor Noah on the Daily Show.

Verizon Review: Comparing Verizon’s Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More Unlimited plans

FeaturesStartPlay MoreDo MoreGet More
4G LTEYesYesYesYes
5G5G Nationwide5G Ultra-Wideband5G Ultra-Wideband5G Ultra-Wideband
Stream Quality480pHD QualityHD QualityHD Quality
Free Disney+Yes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)
Free Apple MusicYes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)Yes (6 Months)
Free Discovery+Yes (6 Months)Yes (12 Months)Yes (6 Months)Yes (12 Months)
Mobile HotspotYesYesYes
Verizon StorageYes (600GB)Yes (600GB)

The Play More unlimited or Get More unlimited Verizon plans are perfect for internet freaks that love speedy downloads and streaming in HD quality. However, you might prefer the Magenta Plan from T-Mobile if you need more data at a cheaper price.

During times of congestion, the Magenta Plan won’t throttle your data speed until you’ve used about 50GB. It’s like getting more for less but your concern still has to be network coverage.

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Verizon Review: Verizon family plans

The family plans from Verizon are expensive but you get good coverage if you decide to buy it. Verizon plans are more expensive compared to other wireless providers, but you can also get some good deals with family plans. When you consider the cost per line, it feels cheaper when you operate within a family plan.

The Verizon family plan we got came with a mobile hotspot, but it is not advertised on the site. So, this is something you might want to confirm from your Verizon before you decide to buy.

Verizon family plans comparison

The pricing of the Verizon family plan is more expensive compared to other ISP. In fact, you’ll save so few dollars when you get the same unlimited family plans from other providers.

But if coverage means a lot to you, then Verizon is just what you need. For those living in big cities where coverage isn’t really much of an issue, you can easily get cheaper family plans from other carriers.

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Verizon Review: Verizon prepaid plans

Verizon prepaid plans are still more expensive and there is really not much way to go around it. However, the prepaid plans from Verizon also boost excellent coverage, which brings to the table; value for money.

There is no hotspot feature for Verizon prepaid plans and you might also experience a slower speed as a result of data de-prioritization. Bottom line is, that you can’t connect an extra device to the internet and you are likely to suffer during network prioritization. If you’re set on getting a prepaid plan, you might want to check out Metro by T-Mobile.

Verizon cell phones and devices

They include; smartphones, 5G phones, pre-owned and flip phones. There are lots of phones on the Verizon network. Even the latest Apple, Google, and Samsung phones are included. You can buy Verizon cell phones from one of their outlets, Best Buy, and even buy refurbished and pre-owned Verizon devices from Gazelle.

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Verizon’s performance

How does Verizon stack up against the competition when it comes to coverage and speed? One word: wonderfully.

With over 70% of 4G coverage, and also the leading 5G carrier in the country, Verizon no doubt has the best network coverage. The company has been holding this championship belt for a very long time and we don’t see them dropping it soon.

Best networks based on 4G coverage

Having your network covers a large area costs money and this is why Verizon plans cost more than its competitors. So, if you are going camping or for a visit to Custer County, you’ll need the reliability that Verizon provides.

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Verizon customer service

Customer service has not always been friends with the customers. And this is not just a problem for Verizon but with every firm out there.

But thanks to technology, you can get help from Verizon in multiple ways. One, via a phone through chat (when you’re signed in to your Verizon account). Two, you can also send Verizon messages on Twitter and Facebook or even make use of hashtags to tweet at them.

It would be nice if Verizon can improve its customer care service. And allowing customers to price and compare plans openly won’t be bad too.

Verizon’s COVID-19 response

Verizon started to introduce some benefits and relief to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic (don’t know when it’ll stop though). Below are some of the Covid 19 benefits from Verizon:

  • Unlimited domestic calling for all by-the-minute plans
  • Free calling to CDC-designated Level 3 countries
  • A tripling (3x) of wireless bandwidth to aid schools that are doing remote teaching.
  • Wireless customers get a free, automatic 15 GB of data added to their plans.

Quick Recap: Verizon Review

If you are looking for a breakdown and summary of Verizon. Here is what you need.

  • Unlimited plans: Verizon unlimited data plans are good but you need to upgrade to bigger plans to fully enjoy the service else you’ll be hit by data throttle and de-prioritization.
  • Prepaid plans: As far as plans with data caps go, we think prepaid is the way to go, since line-access fees on the Verizon family plan quickly add up to more than you’d pay for unlimited.
  • Performance and Coverage: Coverage is what influences performance. Verizon has more coverage and hence better performance in areas where other carriers struggles.
  • Customer service: You can reach them via your Verizon account, Twitter and Facebook. Which is fair so long you get the solution you need.

Overall, Verizon is a great pick if you’re about fast speed and the best coverage. The best possible price from Verizon is still within its family plans. But, if you’re a single user, you can get your friends and family together and buy a family plan.

What are your thoughts about Verizon? Are you satisfied with the coverage you get? Let us know in the comments below!

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