Video: Oneplus 7T vs iPhone 11 Comparison

Oneplus 7T vs iPhone 11

Oneplus 7T vs iPhone 11 comparison, seriously? Well if you feel this way its normal. With the hype and all praises heaped on the new Apple iPhone 11 and its brothers, one might just think that Oneplus 7T stand no chance. But hey wait a minute, don’t just write Oneplus7T off yet.

Well if you still think that Oneplus 7T stand no chance against the almighty and all respected Apple iPhone 11 then you need a video to convince you otherwise. We have put together a comparison video of Oneplus 7T vs iPhone 11 and we’ll like you to take a look below to see which has more feature.

It is very important to note both phones are great phones and they provide good user experience. Watch the comparison video below

Oneplus 7T vs Apple iPhone 11: Here is A Winner!

So there you go with the comparison between the Oneplus 7T vs iPhone 11. Both phones comes with incredible RAM size that makes processing and multi-tasking work very smoothly. Join our YOUTUBE COMMUNITY and start getting videos like this every day.


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