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vivo X Fold 2 Teardown Video reveals waterproof protection, Large Alloy VC, and More

The vivo X Fold 2 was recently launched by vivo in China and as always it’s been compared with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and other foldable phones. A new teardown video of the vivo X Fold 2 uploaded online has shown that the device might actually be better than you think.

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In fact, the new vivo X Fold 2 disassemble videos points to lots of the things that users feel might be missing. For example, the disassembly video of the X Fold 2 confirms some of the level of water protection available in the foldable phone and some other interesting things.

According to the vivo X Fold 2 teardown video, all the openings like the USB type-C ports, speaker ports, areas surrounding the hinges, and screws of the phone have rubber gaskets. These rubber gaskets are meant to prevent water and dust from easily entering the device.

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The vivo X Fold 2 disassembly video also showed that the device has an efficient cooling system. For example, the areas of the chipset, RAM, custom V2 chipset, and storage are covered by coppers and thermal paste. The device also features a very large Alloy Vapor Chamber on one side of the screen that absorbs heat and keeps the device cool.

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Another interesting find in the vivo X Fold 2 teardown video is that it can fully charge within 27 minutes and the phone hit a peak charging speed of 108W.

Even though vivo removed the second telephoto camera that was in the vivo X Fold and vivo X Fold+, the photo samples from the X Fold 2 are really good for a foldable phone. Considering the improved performance and more durability features of the vivo X Fold 2, you might not miss the second telephoto much.

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The new vivo X Fold 2 teardown video has shown that it’s no doubt one of the best foldable phones of the year as it ticks all the boxes. The device is currently only available in China and you can buy using the details above. You can also watch the full teardown video of the vivo X Fold 2 below in Chinese (it’s about 13 mins long).

The video was uploaded by Chinese blogger WekiHome on YouTube.






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