vivo X Fold and X Fold Plus Price Reduced: The price of the vivo X Fold and vivo X Fold Plus has dropped drastically after the launch of the vivo X Fold 2 in China a few days ago. The price has seen up to $500 knocked off the price of the device. This is the right time to buy a vivo foldable phone. For you to enjoy this discount on the vivo X Fold and X Fold Plus, you actually don’t need a coupon code.

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The starting price of the recently released vivo X Fold 2 is $1,599 for the 12GB + 256GB storage mode but the new price drop has seen $500 removed from the price of the vivo X Fold which is about 28% off its original price. This means the 512GB storage version of the original vivo X Fold is now cheaper than the X Fold 2.

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vivo X Fold 2Price
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Let’s start with the price reduction details of the vivo X Fold. The vivo X Fold is currently mostly available in 512GB storage and its price is currently selling for just $1,499 which is $500 off its original retail price. Now, the vivo X Fold featured the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset which is a powerful chipset but is not the best-optimized chipset.

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vivo X FoldPriceYou Save
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However, the vivo X Fold featured a big battery, fast wired and wireless charging, and even more camera sensors. than the vivo X Fold 2. If you feel the vivo X Fold is too old, then you should seriously consider the vivo X Fold+.

vivo X Fold Review
vivo X Fold

The vivo X Fold+ which is the refreshed version of the original vivo X Fold also has its price reduced. The X Fold+ is having a $200 price cut as the 12GB + 256GB model is selling for $1,599 instead of $1,799 and the 12GB + 512GB model is selling for $1,799 instead of $1,999.

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vivo X Fold+PriceYou Save
Buy on Giztop$1,599.00$200.00

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The price of the vivo X Fold 2 is not very expensive which makes it look very appealing but its predecessors are better camera foldable phones. For example, the vivo X Fod and X Fold+ features two telephoto cameras and a flagship main camera while the X Fold 2 has just one telephoto camera.

vivo X Fold Plus colors
vivo X Fold Plus

The vivo foldable phones are among the best foldable phones in the market and no doubt the foldable phones with the best camera system. You can take advantage of this vivo X Fold and X Fold Plus Price reduction and get yourself a brand new vivo foldable phone for less. Check out our Giztop Deals page for latest smartphone and tech gadget deals.

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