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Vivo X90 Phones now support a new computer Gaming technology

There is one more reason why you should now buy any of the Vivo X90 phones that were launched in China last December. Vivo just announced that it’s now rolling out support for next-gen Ray Tracing technology to the Vivo X90 phones. The Ray Tracing support will improve the gaming experience when using these phones.

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For those who don’t know, the Vivo X90 Phones is made of three Vivo phones namely Vivo X90, Vivo X90 Pro, and Vivo X90 Pro+. The Pro+ model features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset while the other two models feature the Dimensity 9200 chipset.

Honor 70 gaming

If you’re not familiar with the Ray Tracing technology, here is how it works in summary. Game manufacturers usually use re-rendered shadows and lightning in their games but the Ray Tracing technology brings new lighting and shading tech for games. So, with Ray Tracing technology, the lighting and shading are done in real-time and this means a light source can dynamically affect the environment around the user (in the game).

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Now due to this real-time processing, the graphics of games are processed faster and this in turn improves the overall immersion of the game itself since simulated light sources improve reflections, refraction, and shadow effects. This technology has since been used in computer GPUs but is now making its way to smartphones.

vivo X90 Ray Tracing

The chipsets used on all models of the Vivo X90 phones have the power to support Ray tracing technology but for now, it’ll only work on selected applications. Vivo has also supported this technology with a chip-level optical tracing computing technology known as the FALCON graphics engine.

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This FALCON graphics engine is developed by Vivo itself and is paired with AI algorithms to help offer immersive lighting and shadow effects. So, aside from the awesome displays, great camera system, long battery life, etc, the Ray Tracing technology is another reason why you should buy any of the Vivo X90 phones.






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