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What is Intel Evo Edition? Here’s a Detail Explanation

What is Intel Evo Edition on laptops? An Intel Evo laptop is a laptop that has it all. The Intel Evo certification program is to ensure a great experience for laptops. Any laptop with Intel Evo certification must meet a certain standard or requirement before it can be qualified for the program.

Intel Evo edition laptops must provide a great experience across the board, including performance, battery life, and connectivity. This means not all laptops are qualified for this program.

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What are the Criteria for an Intel Evo Edition Laptop?

  • It must have 10+ hours of battery life in real-world scenarios (for Full HD displays)
  • It must be noise-free when in performance.
  • Instant on and authentication in under 1.5 seconds
  • They must have four hours of use with a 30-minute charge.
  • Wi-Fi 6E support with 160MHz channel support
  • The webcam must meet a standard, with a minimum score of 32 (out of 100) on the VCX metric. This is to ensure a quality camera system.
  • Laptops with the Evo certification must have a new badge that says “Intel Evo edition”

Intel Evo edition laptops may be expensive, but they offer a quality user experience. So it’s worth going for.






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