As we know, the WhatsApp messenger is growing and more features are been added with time. The new WhatsApp Beta for Android has been spotted to have a new feature which allows WhatsApp add auto delete messages options for users of any group chats.

This new feature will likely make it possible for users in a WhatsApp group to auto delete messages they sent into a group after a specified period of time. Think of it as your Facebook story or Instagram story status.

But the difference will be that while Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stories disappears after 24 hours, this feature will disappear are the time indicated by the user.

According to WABetaInfo’s, the user can choose to delete the messages they sent after an hour, a day, week, month or even after a year. This means to use this feature in the group you have to be a member of that WhatsApp group or the group admin to turn on this feature. See photo below

WhatsApp Adds Auto Delete Messages
Source: WABetaInfo’s

One of the reason for this feature is perhaps to save storage space for users. When WhatsApp adds the auto delete messages for group chats, members of groups can decide when to delete photos, videos and even voice notes sent to help save storage space in Smartphones of other group members.

But the above might not be the only reason why this new auto delete messages feature is been added to WhatsApp. We hope to get the full use of this feature once it’s implemented in our regular WhatsApp. Stay tune for more updates.

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