WhatsApp is updating its privacy policy and the new privacy policy is in contrast with what was promised by WhatsApp back in 2014. According to the new pop notification users are receiving, WhatsApp will now be sharing user data with other Facebook companies.

This means that all data gathered from WhatsApp will be shared not only with Facebook but with other Facebook companies. But initially, the goal of WhatsApp was to have little access to user data and sharing them with other companies was not even in the picture back in 2014.

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For now, WhatsApp users across the world can decide to opt out but come February 8 you won’t be able to opt out. It’s either you allow WhatsApp share your data with Facebook and other Facebook related companies or uninstall the App and stop using its services.

Understanding the WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Some of your data and information WhatsApp is collecting and will be sharing includes your location data, your IP addresses, your phone model, OS, battery level, signal strength, time zone, browser, ISP, mobile network and even your IMEI.

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Other information to be collected by WhatsApp includes; how you are calling, messaging, number of groups you are in, your status, your profile picture, last time you were available online, etc.

Another section added by WhatsApp is called ” Transactions and Payments data”. This specify that the platform will process additional information for even any payments you make through the app.

Screenshot: XDA Developers

They claim this is for analytics purposes and it would also share its unique identifiers to other Facebook companies.

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This new WhatsApp privacy policy is rolling out globally and some persons in Nigeria already received a quick notification with option to Agree or get a reminder.

We don’t know about Africa countries yet but the GDPR privacy legislation will prevent WhatsApp from sharing data of WhatsApp users in European countries with third parties.

Would you like WhatsApp to have access to your personal info and share them with Facebook? Tell us your view via your comment below.


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