The new WhatsApp privacy policy raised privacy concerns from privacy experts. And although WhatsApp hinted on closing accounts that didn’t agree to the new policy by May 15th, it seems they pressed the pause button for now.

Good news is, WhatsApp won’t be be deleting users account after May 15th. Which is a brief relief for millions of users. But, there is a catch to this.

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Over the last few months WhatsApp users have been getting notification pop-ups in the all asking them to accept the new privacy policy terms.

The new terms is rumoured to give Facebook more control over the data that can be shared from WhatsApp. You can find more details about WhatsApp’s new terms in the FAQ page over here.

So, let’s get to the good news and the not so good news about this new update.

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Good news: Your WhatsApp Account won’t be automatically deleted after May 15th

Although WhatsApp will continue to remind users about accepting the new privacy policy terms, their account won’t automatically be deleted after May 15th. Yes, WhatsApp users on all platforms can continue using the app even without accepting the new privacy policy.

But, those who do not agree to the new policy now will continue to get notification alerts. And according to WhatsApp, these alerts will become persistent after several weeks. So if you can live with dismissing notification alert every now and then, you can continue using your account.

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That is not all though, WhatsApp has revealed what will eventually happen if you keep ignoring the new privacy policy.

Not so Good news: WhatsApp will disable features of WhatsApp if you don’t accept new policy

The persistent notification alert is not the only concern WhatsApp users who refuse to accept the privacy policy will face.

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WhatsApp has stated that users will start seeing limited functionalities of the app. Simply put, some of the features will stop working on their account. What are these features?

You won’t be able to access your WhatsApp chat list.

You can answer incoming calls, read messaging by tapping the notification alert only.

After a few weeks, WhatsApp will stop sending incoming messages and calls to your account.

When this start happening, most users will eventually get frustrated and delete their accounts. And if your account remains inactive for 120 days, your WhatsApp account will automatically be deleted.

So you can either agree to the new privacy policy or switch to using a new messaging app.

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