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When will the Apple Vision Pro be Available for Purchase?

The Apple Vision Pro was announced a few months ago- June 5 to be precise. And since then, we’ve yet to see the VR headset in any stores. Which now pops up the question, when will the Apple Vision Pro be available for purchase?

When will the Apple Vision Pro be Available

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Blomberg’s Mark Gurman has given us a more reliable timeline. According to him, the Apple Vision Pro is coming sometime in March 2024. But why the delay?

First, it seems Apple is still behind schedule with its distribution plans and doing final testing. Secondly, Apple plans to sell this alone without involving any third-party partners like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. But why? Because Apple wants to carefully curate the rollout of the Vision Pro.

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The Apple Vision Pro will be available in 2024 around March. And the VR headset will sell for $3,500.







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