Xiaomi 12 Pro Price dropped to an all-time low: The price of the Xiaomi 12 Pro has dropped to a new all-time low after the launch of the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. You can now buy the Xiaomi 12 Pro for as low as $539 on Giztop and at a huge discounted price on Amazon Europe.

Buy Xiaomi 12 Pro (Discounted Price)

Xiaomi 12 ProPriceYou Save
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€749€300
Buy on Giztop$539$360

The Xiaomi 13 Pro with 8GB + 128GB is currently selling for $539 which is $360 off its price. The model with 8GB + 256GB (available in black color only) is selling for $599 which is $400 off its price. The model with 12GB + 256GB (green and blue colors) is selling for $689 instead of $1099.

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On Amazon Germany, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is also enjoying a big discount. If you live in Europe (i.e. Germany, Italy, France, Norway, etc) and can’t buy the phone from Giztop, you can buy the Xiaomi 12 Pro with 12GB + 256GB storage for €749 instead of €1199.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Review
Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Xiaomi 12 Pro is still an amazing smartphone to buy in 2023. This phone features a 2K display that supports 120Hz and has an LTPO AMOLED display panel. It supports fast wired and wireless charging features the high-performing Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and has a 4,600mAh battery.

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From what it’s worth, the current drop in the price of the Xiaomi 12 Pro makes it a very good phone to buy. Its performance, camera, and other features beat most of the current mid-range phones. So, this is an opportunity for users to buy a flagship phone for the price of a mid-range phone.

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