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Xiaomi is expected to launch new PC desktops in its postponed event

Xiaomi is popularly known for its affordable smartphones, laptops, and wearable. But, a new report is hinting that the Chinese tech giant might be joining the Windows PCs tech space. At least, two Windows PCs from Xiaomi have been seen in the wild.

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It seems the company will launch these Windows desktops in its postponed event. For those unaware, the Xiaomi launch event which was scheduled for December 1st was postponed till further notice because of the death of Jiang Zemin – the former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

One of the desktop PCs expected to be launched by Xiaomi is a Host Mini Desktop that looks like a small form factor (SFF) design shown off in a barebones state. The rest of the hardware specs are still unknown but for now, we know that the system has only a 100W XM22AL5X PSU installed and nothing else. We expect to see more details in the coming weeks or in the launch event.

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The case of the desktop shows that it’s big enough to house the GPU, CPU, RAM, storage, motherboard, and other components of a regular-size PC. The picture of the case also confirmed that there will be ports on the rear of the PC for connectivity.

The other PC has the form factor of the Apple Mac Studio and looks very portable. According to the report, this Mini PC will feature an MD Ryzen 7 6800H APU – a 45W chip with a Radeon 680M RDNA2 iGPU, 16GB memory, and 512GB SSD. The price is expected to be around CNY 3999 or right around $570.






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