Xiaomi Mi 10T To Launch In Nigeria: Xiaomi is launching its affordable flagship device in the Nigeria with 5G features available. We know mobile phone companies have been launching non 5G models of their device in the country but Xiaomi is set to break the status quo.

The Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro are both 5G enabled smartphones. But giving the current state of 5G infrastructure in the country, one might wonder if there is really any reason to launch a 5G phone in the country.

Whatever you might be feeling is okay but there are three things you should note. You have to understand that there are people involve in process of 5G availability in Nigeria. It involves more than just a smartphone company such as Xiaomi. Mobile Service providers such as MTN, Glo, Airtel and the NCC regulatory body are also involve.

Xiaomi Mi 10T
Credit: Xiaomi Nigeria

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First, smartphone companies will produce 5G enabled devices, Mobile Service Providers will have infrastructure that makes 5G network available while NCC will have regulations to control the use of 5G.

So far, it seems mobile phone companies are ready as we have seen Nokia Mobile and now Xiaomi bringing 5G device to the country. But, it appears mobile service providers have not been able have the infrastructure needed and NCC has no regulations with regards to using 5G just yet.

Bottom line is, the use of 5G device is still futuristic as far as Nigerians are concern. They can use other features of the device to the max but won’t be able to enjoy the speed of 5G at least not for now.

So, what do you think about having a 5G phone in a non 5G region? Does it even make sense? Is it a good move for Xiaomi to Launch the Xiaomi Mi 10T in Nigeria? Lets talk in the comment section below.

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