Youngsters Prefer iPhones to Android Phones: According to a new report released by Financial Times, a huge number of youngsters prefer Apple iPhones to Android phones. It’s almost as if the only thing that attracts youngsters to buy a smartphone these days is the Apple Logo on the back of the phone.

Majority of people who are buying iPhones right now a Gen Z children. These children born between 1997 and 2012 currently make up the majority of purchasing population as they’re above 18 years. You might wonder why these youngsters prefer iPhones to Android phones. Well, here are three reasons why and what could possibly change the narrative in favor of Android phones.

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Why Youngsters prefer Apple iPhones to Android Phones

1. Brand name and Status

Apple is a very big brand name and having an Apple iPhone comes with some kind of exclusive status for these youngsters. So owning an iPhone is seen partly as an achievement and you’re in the cycle of a selected few for most of these youngsters.

Youngsters Prefer iPhones to Android Phones

Well, that’s reasonable considering that there is only one company making iPhones as to the many companies making Android phones. Apple iPhones also have exclusive features such as iMessage, FaceTime, etc. that gives users unique services and experience. So, brand name and status are one reason why youngsters prefer Apple iPhones to Android phones.

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2. Security and Ecosystem

The Apple iPhone gives youngsters this sense of security. Many youths use their phones for so many things and some of these things need to be protected. The confidence that they have in the security of the iPhone is another major reason why they prefer the iPhones. And they have such confidence because of Apple’s ecosystem.

iPhone 14 iOS 16.4 beta update

You see, it’s very difficult to pair an iPhone to a Windows or Android device. But, you can easily pair your iPhone to your Apple Mac or iPad and other Apple devices. Apple is very strict when it comes to connecting other devices, downloading files, and installing apps on the iPhone. This is unlike Android phones can easily pair with other devices and even allow the installation of files from unknown sources.

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3. Performance and Features

Apple iPhones are some of the best-performing smartphones in the world. Since switching to using its own silicon, Apple has produced iPhones that have not only great performance but better efficiency. The smoothness of using the phone and the extra features that it brings are other reasons why youth now prefer the iPhone.

iPhone Emergency SOS via Satellite

For example, the iPhones are now known to be among the best battery phones, best camera phones, and best gaming phones. Extra features like the new Satellite connectivity (Emergency SOS), Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro, Dynamic FaceUnlock, etc are key reasons why many choose iPhones over Android phones.

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The phone market share for Apple increased from 35 percent in 2019 to 50 percent in 2022. This is because of the interest from Gen Z buyers even though the average iPhone now costs about $900. However, this could change with time as the Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung become more popular.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

Right now, for every 100 iPhones sold by Apple, the company also ships 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 pairs of AirPods. In comparison, Samsung ships just 11 tablets, 6 smartwatches, and 6 earbuds for every 100 Galaxy phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phones offer a different phone factor that makes it very unique. Its folding style makes sit compact and appealing to many users. The only fear holding people back from purchasing a Galaxy Z Flip phone is durability. But, as more models are produced, the issue of durability is been addressed and this might just change the tide in the favor of Samsung and other Android phone makers.

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