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Your Look at the First 240W Fast Charger (Pictures)

Here is your look at the first 240W fast charger in the world. It is real and may arrive with the Realme GT Neo5 being the first smartphone to support it. The fast charging system will be announced on January 5, 2023, and below is the first image of the 240W fast charger.

The 240W fast charger is inscribed on the adapter just as you can see for yourself in the picture. It has a model number VCKCJACH, while branded SuperVOOC, and shows 20V power at 12A current.

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With this SuperVOOC 240W super fast charging technology, smartphone support is expected to get full in less or about 9 minutes. The tech was already showcased at MWC in Barcelona back in February 2022. And we are about to see it in real use in a few days.








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