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Top 5 Best Handheld Gaming Consoles in 2023

Best Handheld Gaming Consoles in 2023: If you are interested in getting for yourself a portable handheld gaming device, then you are in the right place. In this post, we’re going to outline the top 5 best handheld gaming consoles in 2023 for you to buy.

1. Valve Steam Deck

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is not the most powerful handheld gaming console but be rest assured that it can play AAA titles with ease. The reason it tops the list is because it offers value for money. The performance and the cost are balanced.

The Steam Deck has a starting price of $400. When compared to others, the Steam Deck is more affordable and offers excellent gaming performance too. The device has a 7-inch IPS LCD screen with 1200×800 rx and a 60Hz refresh rate. It features AMD RDNA2 GPU.

Buy Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam DeckPrice
Buy on Amazon$498.98
Buy on Amazon(UK)£419.99
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€882.88

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2. Asus ROG Ally

Asus ROG Ally Price in India

The Asus ROG Ally is more expensive than the Steam Deck. However, the ASUS Rog Ally is more powerful as it features the latest AMD Ryzen Z1 Series Chip & RDNA3 GPU. The ROG Ally Can play all AAA titles with ease.

It has a starting price of $700 which is expensive compared to the more affordable Steam Deck. The ROG Ally comes with a 7-inch IPS LCD screen with 120Hz refresh rate support. It is recommended if you can afford it.

Buy Asus ROG Ally
Asus ROG AllyPriceStorage
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€799.00512GB

3. Lenovo Legion GO

Lenovo Legion Go Specs

The Lenovo Legion GO is priced similarly to the Asus ROG Ally- $700. The Legion GO comes with a bigger 8.8-inch IPS LCD screen and a smoother panel refreshing at 144Hz. Also, it’s powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 Series processor & RDNA3 GPU.

More so, the Legion Go comes with removable controllers, and one of those controllers can serve as a makeshift mouse to make FPS games a reality. The Lenovo Legion Go is a beauty on its own for any top gamers.

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4. Nintendo Switch/OLED

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the king of handheld gaming consoles. Their pricing begins at $350. The new variant features a 7-inch OLED display. This is a bump up from the 6.2-inch IPS LCD on the standard model, although both feature the same 1280×720 resolution.

The Nintendo Switch comes with detachable controllers and it’s powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC. The main highlight of this console is the beautiful and vibrant OLED display.

Buy Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLEDPrice
Buy on Amazon$349.00
Buy on Amazon(UK)£299.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€315.73

5. Ayaneo 2

Ayaneo 2

The most expensive handheld gaming console is the Ayaneo 2. It starts at $1,099. The device can play all AAA titles with ease and Windows allows you to play non-Steam games from other launchers.

It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor paired with Radeon 680M graphics, which is capable of playing games at 1080P in low to medium settings. Unfortunately, even at this high cost, the display still runs at 60fps.

Buy Ayaneo 2
Ayaneo 2Price
Buy on Amazon$1,429.99
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€1,620.95

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Conclusion: 5 Best Handheld Gaming Consoles in 2023

The 5 best handheld gaming consoles in 2023 are now available for purchase in most countries. The one to buy depends on your purchasing power. Also, know that this list will be updated regularly to include subsequent releases.






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