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Amazon Prime Gaming: What it is and its benefits

If you’re to count the numbers of perks enjoyed by Prime members and you skipped Prime Gaming, then its not complete ( won’t matter for the elderly though). But, one of the many perks why young people love Prime members is prime Gaming.

So, what is Prime Gaming and what are its benefits for members? Well, let’s talk about this side benefit of been a prime member.

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What is Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming is a series of gaming-related benefits for anyone who is an Amazon Prime Member. The benefits include monthly free PC games, exclusive in-game content and a monthly free Twitch subscription that you can use to support your streamer of choice.

This benefit is also available for college students who are members of Amazon Prime Student (just don’t forget to focus on your studies). You can think of Prime Gaming as the fun part of having a Prime account.

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Benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming

  1. Access to tons of monthly free PC games
  2. Free Twitch subscription
  3. Lots of online games to choose from

How to get a Prime Gaming Account

The easiest way to get a Prime Gaming account is to sign up for a Prime Account or Prime Student Account. Prime Gaming is a perk for those with Prime Account. You get a free 3o-day trial on Prime Account and 6 months free trial on Prime Student.

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Amazon Prime Gaming is one way to kill time and stay active playing games online. If you have the time, you might want to check out the collection of games they have to offer.

Note: Prime Gaming was formerly known as Twitch Prime. It was changed to Prime Gaming and anyone with a Prime Account have access to use the service. Its currently under the Prime Gaming banner on Amazon.







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